> 30 By My 30th


I decided to do a couple impromptu self portrait sessions a couple weeks ago, IN CELEBRATION of reaching my goal of losing 30 pounds by my 30th birthday and in celebration of turning the BIG 30.

I am not one to normally take tons of pictures of myself (since gaining all my mom weight that is), let alone post a lot of them but there are MANY different sides to me and I think the different pictures in this gallery show that very well.

I am VERY proud of myself and thrilled that during my HELLISH fall and winter, I managed to lose 30 pounds instead of gaining 30.


BTW, If I had known just how many pics were going to be taken and liked in my impromptu self portrait sessions, I would have worn something other than a long sleeved green T shirt and a blue T shirt.

And I would have made sure my bathroom mirror was super clean ha ha!

30 down and a lot more to go!