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Friday, July 18, 2008



Now you're just tormenting us!


Thank you ALL so so SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

As God as my witness THIS weekend I WILL finally write an entry LOL


jen w

I have to admit I kinda stopped visiting, but found your link on another blog and decided to stop by! I would love to hear about work (I just started my new nursing career 2 weeks ago!) and how you are adjusting, it has been tough but going well for me. I'd love to hear about your kids, lawsuit, weight loss, anything!


I am with everyone on pictures of your house and kiddos!


Thanks so much girls!

Damn I miss my blog and all of you SO MUCH!!!!

I love all of the questions and will answer them soon!!!



I second the request for new house AND kiddie pictures!

Lisa O

Hi Sweetie - I have too many questions for one comment - mainly how are you and your loved ones?? I hope great.
I have missed you too - the last few times I tried to comment i was unable to - hopefully this one will let me comment.
Much love and big hugs
Lisa O
(I still have "start a blog" on my to do list!


Well, I see everyone is interested in learning the same things as me. I would love to hear how you feel about working moms vs. stay at home moms now that you have experienced both. How do you feel after working all day and coming home to the kids? I bet you appreciate them more! Post some pics of your new place...

Miss reading about you and your family. Just not the same...


Well...Raelyn asked my questions about the house and kids/daycare. How are you doing?


How is the new house? I want to see some pics!
How are the kids adjusting to day care?
How is evrything going with the hospital lawsuit, if there is one in the works? Not sure if you can talk about this but have been curious about it.
Looking forward to your post.


GREAT Q's Sandi!!!!

I look forward to answering them!

Getting ready to head to St Louis to see the AI concert.....btw I like to get bitten ;)

Sandi P.

Ok, I'll bite (but not hard - haha!!)

How are you enjoying your new found "freedome" in a full-time job outside the house?

How are your weight loss/exercise efforts going since you've been back to work?

When can Cara, Becca, and I expect you in Georgia again?

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