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Thursday, December 07, 2006



((((( Thanks so much everyone!!!! Love you all!!! )))))


I talked about photo "quality" in one of my 365 pictures, so you know how I feel about that...

Anyway, love the pictures. You do look tired, but so in love. Have a great weekend, chicky. TTY on Monday!

Love you!


Kelly, you look so happy - serene almost - despite the sleep deprivation! Haley is such a sweetheart :) And that's so sweet that she's wearing her Aussie top!!

I so hope the sleep situation improves very soon. I used to lay Amelie tummy down along my arm and rub her back when she was colicky, seemed to help her feel better (and stop screaming quite so loud lol) being tummy down.

The first 3 months are like living in a fog (albeit an exciting happy fog) but I look back now and would do it all again in an instant. Funny how our memories of the tough days & nights fade and we only remember how tiny, needy & delicious our babies were. Love you!

Pastormac's Ann

What a cutie! You look lovely, truly - a radiant, albeit tired, mommy. Happy LoveThursday!


great pics, Kelly! Haley is a gem. I know it's hard right now - sleep is a precious thing - but the good news is that all this sleep deprivation will make it hard to remember this time anyway after it's past and you're back in the groove! :) You'll barely remember how hard it was and will only have pictures to look at to remind you of the days, and in the pictures you all look so happy that you'll soon believe it was ALL GOOD, ALL THE TIME. Mother Nature is kind that way. :)


Very lovely pics. Thank you for sharing. Here's to some sleep filled nites! Good luck, you look great!


Beautiful pictures!

And yes, I have been there with the total exhaustion on top of total love, those days are not easy. But they will pass sooooooooooo fast.


Sandi P.

There you are! :) Thanks for posting pics of you with Haley. You both look absolutely beautiful!

I can see you're still enjoying the babymoon. Hopefully the no sleep thing will be short-lived.

Love ya!


Those are such precious pictures!!


Hi, found you through LT. Congrats, she's absolutely beautiful.

Ass-vice (I know, I'm sorry, but if you're dealing with a colic-y no sleep baby it's worth a shot, right?) For our fuss-bucket we used the "Happiest Baby on the Block" (by Dr Harvey Karp) book methods and lots of tummy massage for the gas (just rub counterclockwise on her tummy, clockwise on her back) and we played a game where we did 1-2-3 and then touched her toes to her head, which always made her toot! Every kid is different, of course, but that worked for us, for what it's worth.

Good luck. Remember that you're probably doing about 3x as good a job as you give yourself credit for. Hang in there, the first 3 months are the roughest but the most rewarding.

Happy Love Thursday & congrats on getting a shower!

Lisa O

Oh Kelly - those pictures made me cry. You are both SO beautiful and Haley loves her mommy so very much!
I TRULY understand the colicky, no sleeping thing . . .its so hard. I found that putting Delaney on her tummy helped with her gas pains - she HATED being on her tummy but while she would scream and squirm around the gas would move through her body and then it would only be ONE hour of screaming vs. three or four. LOL
I know you will be fine though - you are an awesome mother !
Love ya
for some reason I can't post my e-mail address . . . I think you have it


Keep your head your head up girl! Praying for ya, Miss Haley is a beauty! Thanks for the pics.


Sweet pictures Kelly! You look so in love.

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