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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


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Looks great to me. At least you guys had a fun day.


This is more of a question. I am 18 weeks pregnant and started bleeding a tiny bit so we had an ultrasound and found a fibroid. Did yours show up the whole time your ultasound was happening? I guess I'm hopeing mine was only a contraction as well due to it being the size of a golf ball but with the bleeding I dont know. Do you have pics of your ultasound with what you thought was a fibroid. Congratulations on the girl I'm having a boy. Hope all goes well for you.


The CPD's name is Carolyn Shawna :) Not really my fave name in the world but I can always get wild and crazy and officially rename her "Haley Ann" once Haley is here :)

Thank you all so much for your wonderful feedback! I am in the process of emailing now!



Adorable pics. But you have to stop shopping. Like NOW. LOL (I'm totally teasing)

You sound so fabulously happy. I'm thrilled for you!


Warning: Extra cheesy here! You said "well atleast I'm the queen of something". In my honest opinion, you're the Queen of blogworld. If it were not for you, I wouldn't know half of these wonderful women. Your kind and loving heart shows through in all of your friendships.
You're queen in my book baby! ;0)

I loved this entry and I LOVED all of Haley's clothes.

Have a wonderful weekend and I thought it was hilarious that you said freakazoid. I say that too!! LOL! ;0)

Sandi P.

Hi Kel...remember me? LOL

I love all the outfits you and K picked out for Haley; they are just precious! And the CPK doll? I never had the privelege of having one when I was growing up...they came around a little after my "doll" years. (Am I showing my age or what?) Anyway, looks like you picked the perfect one like you were telling me about the other day, brown hair and green eyes.

Looks like the 4th of July holidays went wonderfully for your family. Eventually, I'll get the post up about my family gathering over the holidays. Soon!!

Happy Friday, Kelly. Love ya girl!

Jerri Ann

My boys have the shirt Nathan has on where he is showing his belly button....they wear them all the time and they look so darn cute dressed alike in them....looks like you guys had lots of fun....I'm terrified of fireworks but we did shoot some (crazy husband bought $100 worth but thekids got bored before he was half finished)..oh well, we live in the south, we can shott them for a week before and a week after any holiday!


Happy Anniversary!


Thank you all SO MUCH!

I really appreciate it!

I think I look at the CPD a lot because for one she is cute but even more so because looking at the doll makes me think of Haley even more ! :) Looking forward to meeting her in Nov! :)

Oh and the fact that after two boys, I am still shocked to be having a girl lol! This is the first time being in the presence of little girl things since I was a little girl.

Monica C.

OK, you crack me up with your CPK obsession, especially when you say you keep looking at her. That just cracks me up! CPKs are the ones that come with adoption papers, etc., right? I do think that is SUCH a cute idea and I can see how you could get really into that.

You look great. I think you guys are going to have so much fun with a baby girl. I think she will fit right in, and everyone - brothers included - will adore her! :)


You look great, totally glowing! I bet you guys are so excited. The countdown is here...

Love the cappage patch doll. I used to play with them too.

My favorite outfit is the watermelon one-love it!

You guys enjoy yourselves!


dude, I always wanted a cabbage patch kid and my mom would NEVER buy me one -- she got the idea in her head tha she could MAKE me one, and I ended up with this ugly-ass doll instead of a CPK. I'm STILL mad about it!

Isn't baby shopping fun?! I remember those days.

Looks like you guys had a great 4th! So wonderful that you were able to get together with family!



You look great and I love the pictures of the boys. They are really getting big. Oh the CPD looks like you!


You look wonderful hon!! Yay for 21 weeks :) All the pictures are great, looks like you all had a lot of fun.
Oh those cute little baby outfits!!! They're adorable. I notice you bought a lot of things with sage green or lavender trim, they are such pretty colours. Can't wait to see pics of Haley wearing them.
So glad you found the PERFECT CPD! Very cute. My CPD is named Amelie lol ;)


WoW what a wonderful update!! You look awesome! I love the pictures of the boys. Sounds like a fun and crazy time.


YOu look wondeful,Kelly!
What is the CPK's name? I always have to look at the names of the dolls when at the store.
And I LOVE your yard so big and nicely shaded.


You look GREAT!! You really do! I have always had a HUGE obsession with CPK dolls, I still have my very first one that I got for my birthday back in 1986 or 1987. I collected a lot of them over the years, I just love them! I think the doll you choose is cute! Looks like a doll like version of you! You have the brown hair and green eyes just like the doll! :)
LOVE the outfits you and Kevin choose for Haley! Too cute!
Glad you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!!!


Waaaay cute! You look maaaaavalous! ;)

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