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Thursday, June 22, 2006



I get out a lot on my own (during my MDO days) and *still* I marvel at the freedom, every. single. time. Because we are with the kids so much. It's like I tell my sister, if I had to spend that much time with anyone else, I'm pretty sure I'd kill them. Or kill myself. LOL And you KNOW how much I enjoy my kids. But it can be a bit overwhelming at times, huh? The everydayness of it.


I've been a SAHM only since Feb and I already look forward to 'time out' lol. The only time out has been going to the PPD support group every Monday for 2 hours! But soon enough I will be back to complaining about being at work again - urgh!


Hi Kelly! I have been a stay at home mom for the last 12 years! I LOVE the times I get an hour or two to myself!! Usually that is only Sundays when I escape to the library.
Sad huh.....

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