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Wednesday, June 21, 2006



Hang in there...***HUGS!*** There is a reason for everything...


You are SO RIGHT JEN! I have already noticed that! It's unreal! People don't realize how much sugar they are consuming until they are forced to limit sugar. One thing I will miss is good ol' breakfast cereal, the kind that kids like lol :)

LOL on my Google rights, I have already given them up, no more looking for me. I agree on Kristin's comment, man oh man, she got me with that one. I balled like a baby. Especially seeing Haley's name everywhere and what she said about me, so sweet!


ok, Kelly, I'm taking away your Googling rights. hand it over. :o)

the sugar withdrawls suck, but they go away. then when you have sugar and it makes you sick, it makes you REALLY not want to have it. so that's a good thing, I guess. But I still look at cookies awfully long before closing the pantry door!

and hooray for Kristin's awesome comment! LOL.



"Let Go and Let God" AMEN TO THAT!!! That is my motto these days. Thank you so much Lisa!

I promise it was only like one or two days last week (when I had my meltdowns) that I did some internet research. I didn't know a thing about fibroids, knew a lot about GD. And it was only during nap time, so I promise I didn't really even go over board with it, just what I saw was enough :) The day I gave it to God was the last day I did any Google searches and I have no interest in doing anymore searching, you are right about how the net can work.

I let go and let God! :)

Love you and all of you for that matter ~


Lisa o

I've been worried about you sweetie and kept thinking "I bet she is googling all day long and worrying herself sick!" Knowledge is wonderful its true but sometimes the stuff you find on google is worse case scenario type stuff. Many women have GD and fibroids and do just fine - you just don't read much about them on google because they are busy living happy lives - its the ones that have problems that are usually in case studies and such.
I am NOT trying to downplay your concerns at all - just trying to maybe give you a new prospective. I am SO glad that you 'Let Go and Let God' - he will take care of you and Haley I'm sure. I have and will continue to pray for you both.
Love ya


PS You made me cry :)

Damn hormones! LOL!


(((Thank you ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!!)))

You always blow me away!

I will be emailing you all very soon!

God Bless.


I'm sending good vibes your way!! She will be fine and we all can't wait to meet her!!

Island Girl



You did good by handing it over, Kelly. We have so little control over things like this, it's scary, isn't it? Doing our best to let it go and happen as it will is the smart thing to do. I will definitely keep you and that sweet baby girl in my thoughts and prayers.


He IS amazing, isn't He? I'm glad to hear that you turned it over to God... just the thing to do when the load is too much to bear.

I love you sweetie, and glad to see you posting :) Take care - will talk soon!


(((Big hugs))) to you, sweetie.

You and little Haley are always in my thoughts and prayers.



Thinking of you...

Sandi P.

I echo Kristin's words in her comment.

We love you Kelly, and are praying for you!

Take care of yourself! :)


I am right here for you Kel! I'll be keeping you and Haley in my daily prayers!

Keep Strong!


I will keep you and Haley in my prayers too! I know God is looking out for you both.


Hi Kelly
I just read your post, and I am glad you posted. I was starting to get worried about you! I totally understand how you feel. I think a lot of us do. I know you have a lot on your plate right now regarding the pregnancy and it is a worry on your mind. But I truly and honestly believe, that everything will turn out just fine, and Haley will join your family in November, and add so much joy to your lives, you will wonder what you did before she came along. I don't just believe it, I really feel it in my heart. You have been through some hard obstacles in your life, and you have gotten through every one of those, with a leap of faith and support and lots of prayers, I imagine, but you got through all those trying times. I think this is one of those trying times, and it's a stepping stone to something greater that is going to happen, and that's having Haley in your life.

I am a big believer that prayer makes things happen, ask and you shall receive. God will get you through this and so many other people who care about you and your family will too. You have your own personal guardian angel in Heaven looking out for you and your family.

Everything will be fine. I know this all sounds weird coming from someone you have never met in person, but I have read your iP diary and your blog since the get go, and you do so much for others, you lift people up when they are down, you are a good person. You have support and a lot of it all over the globe. If you need to vent, we're here and we will listen.

I will continue to pray for you and Miss Haley, and keep you all in my thoughts. I know things are scary now regarding the GD and the fibroid, and I don't blame you for feeling the way you do. It would scare a lot of pregnant women. My sister did have a uterine fibroid while she was pregnant with her 2nd baby, and after she had her son, the fibroid was removed. She can still have children if she wants to as well. She also overcame cervical cancer when she was pregnant the first time, a while back. She rose up above the things that came her way and you will too.

Because that is you, that is how Kelly is, you see a challenge and you meet it head on and you make yourself stronger for doing it. You might not see that part in you, but from all the time, I read your blog, that is exactly the personality you display and have that wonderful uplifting gift in you to make things better.
I hope I don't sound too sappy but I am sincere and I mean every word of this. I have faith in you, and I have faith in God, that Haley will be fine and you will be fine too.

Take Care!



I think google can be a terrible thing at times.

It's good that your leaning yourself into God's trustworthy hands. He will take care of you and your family. And I have no doubts that your doctor will provide the best care.

Praying for you.

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