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Thursday, June 29, 2006


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Bravo! Well done! Mothers will like it!


I just found out yesterday that I have G.D. along with very low hemoglobin and contractions every 7 minutes. Blah. The thing that gets me is, because the Dr's office was closing for the holiday weekend they didn't tell me what kind of diet to go on.. Ugh... (yes I was sent home)
I'm curious, What are your menus like?


What a cutie! I love that Cheerio hanging there too. Good luck on the pregnancy.


I always love reading your Thursday Thirteen! So glad your blood sugar levels are great - you will cruise through this, I just know it. I remember seeing that pic of Austin with the cheerio on his chin - so, so cute ;)


Countdown...pregnant or not you KNOW we will have too much fun! Can't wait!


Cute pic of Austin and the cheerio is so sweet!

My T13 is up. Hope you are having a Terrific Thursday!


Hey! I got a shoutout! :)

I miss our conversations, it was really good to sit down and just TALK with you last night!

The pic of Austin is too cute - I can't get over how they've grown.

Love you girl!


#7 sounds absolutely divvy.

I love that pic of Austin. Just last night Anna Sofia somehow got a strand of vermicelli on her head. Can you believe I didn't reach for the camera? I was too busy fetching her sisters so we could all have a good laugh! lol lol lol


Congrats on your pregnancy. When are you due? I am expecting my second any day now. He is due the 4th, but if he wanted to come today, I wouldn't mind one bit!


the cheerio on his chin makes that a priceless photo!

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