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Thursday, June 08, 2006



Man, you gals are weird lol!

Well what's weird about me is, I'll go into any forum pretending to be someone I'm not.

-I like to walk backwards in the morning.

-I like to scrub walls with my dvd player.

-I use shampoo as body wash.

-I drink with a plastic cup.. I hate glasses.

I'm obsessed with memorizing my license plate number on my car.

So yea.. That's the weird stuff about me.


Thanks for sharing your weird things too! How fun! :):)


I am totally with you on number 9. I swear I have a book obsession. Books and for a while there, fabric.

And I edit my blog entries almost every single time I post them because I always find a typo or something that needs fixed.

I also prefer glass over plastic.


I, too, use an insane amount of napkins. But then I'm kind of a slob and I tend to spill on myself. Which then makes me self-conscience that I'm going to spill on myself. It's really a vicious cycle.

I also obsessively change blog posts after I've posted them. When I go back and re-read them I find spelling mistakes or punctuation or I just don't like the way I wrote a sentence. I just can't help it.


I HATE the dark too!!! Omg...when I was younger, I would shut off the lights, run and dive into bed....now I have a tv in my room, I only keep it on for the light. I also HATE being in my house by myself at night (don't like it much during the day either), and when I am, whatever floor of the house I am on, is where I normally stay....if I HAVE to go to the other floor for some reason, I do it running (glad noone's here to watch that at my size) and looking behind my back the whole time... I am sucha wuss : ) I think I am the one person who DREADS being old and having to live alone...hopefully one of my 5 kids will take pity in me : )


I really dislike the taste of the sugary sodas too!!! Yep...you said it-------nasty!

Drop by my T 13 and find 13 newly designed banners/headers for the taking!!!


I hate the feel of suntan lotion, to me it feels different than regualr lotion. I have really light skin so I am supposed to used it all the time but I really hate the feel of it....

Oh and remember how much better soda tastes out of a GLASS bottle?? OH YEAH!


I hate plastic cups too, passionately hate them.

my list is up


I hate to feel sticky. I do use lotion becuause my skin is so dry, but ughhh i hate the feeling.

I also do not like to use body washes, i feel like the soap does not rinse off. I hate that oily feeling.

I also hate the feeling of wet clothes on. I always stress out during the summer that someone will push me into the water with my regular clothes on. That one is weird huh.

I also have to make all the beds everyday. I just cannot function correctly if i walk into a room and the bed is unmade.

Have a great time at the park.

Lisa O

This is really weird - I don't believe this anymore but did so until I was INTO MY TWENTIES! I used to think that since I lived in Missouri that I wasn't governed by other states' traffic laws. In other words if I crossed the bridge into Illinois I could speed and not have to pay a ticket because I was a Missouri resident. I think I was 24 or 25 before an ex boyfriend set me straight and of course he never passed up an opportunity to share that with his cronies.

come on now THAT is very weird isn't it??

Oh and Soda (not that you asked) - I am just the opposite! I can't stand any type of diet. I am a sugar addict and LOVE me some real Pepsi. :-)

Have a good day sweetie and stay cool - I know its probably as hot there as it is here.


I am terrified of the dark and I dislike lotion. I plan out in my head how I am going to do something. I have a hard time if it doesn't follow my way, I tend to panic and lose my concentration. I am getting better at being flexible since having Sean. I won't let my family do the dishes since they won't do it my way...killer for me, but it drives me crazy!


Interesting TT. I can relate to number 7!I hate being such a perfectionist and its a disorder in me!My TT is up yippie.


Let's see, something weird about me. I cover up my shoulders with the sheets at night, because I had a dream once that little leprachans were lighting matches using my shoulders.

See, you're not so weird after all. :)


I also do not like the feel of lotion, so I do not use it.
Hmmmm...I just have to pick one weirdness? That's going to be hard. Probably that I would clean the bathroom EVERY DAY if I had the time (and motivation, ha). When we were trying to sell our house in Eugene, I actually had both time and motivation, so I did clean it every single day without fail. I loves me a sparkly clean bathroom.


About the books...you still have my "Pleasure Beach." :)

About the cat...I remember the 1st time you stayed at my house you asked me if my cat was going to be prowling around upstairs (in the dark! Gah!!!!) and when I told you he might sneak up later I remember the look of terror on your face. I think I laughed HARD at you that night. Sorry. :) lol.

Me? Hmmm...I like to vacuum TOO much, but I don't think that too too weird. ;)

Have a great day, girly!


Cute 13! You're not the only girl who doesn't wear lotion. I actually have a best friend who is the same way about the stickiness!! And I run to my car if I have to go outside at night, and I run back. I don't like to be outside in the dark. Mine are up here and here!

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