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Thursday, June 08, 2006



Oh, how sweet. Love the pictures So glad things are going well. You deserve it.


Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!


I loved all the pictures and it certainly looks like everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather. I'm SO excited that you got to feel the baby move. That was always my favorite part of pregnancy.
It's great to hear that you have so many great things going on, all at the same time. Mark and I will celebrate our 14th Anniversary next Tuesday. I remember last year that your was close to ours.

Have a great weekend!! ;0)

Island Girl

Ahh- the kick has spoken......The baby is going to be born a blogger. *wink*
I loved the pictures. I can not believe how much the boys have grown up this past year.


Oh sweet little bubba is moving!!! How adorable!! This summer is going to be a wonderful one for you all, glad you're having fun with the boys.

So when are we gonna see a belly pic?? Pretty please???!!!

ps. Ryan is looking at your post and photos of the boys with me right now and just said 'I wish they could be my friends' :)


How cool that you felt the baby move! It's such an exciting time.

Happy to hear you're enjoying your time with the boys. You're all sure busy! :) It's always good.


yay for baby moving. You should have shared this with me instead of letting me babble about all my problems.

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