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Wednesday, June 07, 2006



Thanks for having some fun with me!
Clive rocks! :)


Yummo! I've lusted after Clive since 'Closer' :)


Nice eyes. Mmmm mmmm deee-licious.
BTW, would you please remove my secret diary link? I junked it, so the link is no good any more. Thanks! XXOO

Jerri Ann

OOOlala! Yea, me thinks he cute...sexy...ya all that! I like the car one too!


Yum! Love his eyes...

Monica C.

Hmm... doesn't quite get a tingle out of me. LOL!


He's ok, he's ok. I like a man with an accent. I did see him in both Closer and Derailed.

What about Gerard Butler from The Phantom of the Opera and Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2(can't say I saw this one). Look him up even if you do not know him. He is beautiful but sorry ladies I think he may prefer the guys. Another one is Kevin Zeger from the Air Bud movies(he was younger then of course) and Transamerica. He too is gorgeous.

You are doing a great job, just giving you a couple more in case you feel like you are running out of hotties.

Love the new look by the way!

I really want to see some pics of your pregnant belly. Come on, don't be shy. I can't talk, not sure I will be showing any of myself but we will see...


He is HOT. I like pic #2.

Lisa O

We are SOOO behind on movies - we frequently do pay per view and watch the bargain ones because we are THAT behind - but you've inspired me to put "Derailed" on our list.
What a HOT - T!


OMG OMG OMG. I was JUST going to email you and ask you to have him be one of your HDH's sometime soon! Crazy!!!

There is something about him that is so sexy. I loved him in the movie Closer.


I have to say I like the car one the best of all of them. Have not seen the move "Derailed" though.


I also "discovered" him in Derailed, but I did not really like that movie so much. It was creepy and I didn't like that he was married and doing those things and I didn't like that Jennifer Aniston was a psychopath. It was disturbing, really.

There is something really sexy about him, though, isn't there?

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