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Thursday, June 08, 2006



i simply must get one of those tops : )
take care up there darl x


Thank you SO MUCH !!!!

Laura, don't be sorry, I appreciate that you cared enough to want to see!!!!

Thank YOU!


Oh Kelly. You look great! Sorry, I know I was one of the people bugging you to post a pic of yourself. I just love pregnancy! Good luck tomorrow with your much anticipated ultrasound. HOpe everything turns out good...


How PRECIOUS! I totally don't think you look huge for 18 weeks at all. Seriously. I love it! Can't wait for Monday. Love you! :)

Sandi P.

Now I see what I missed during all the no internet at home haitus. You look ABSOLUTELY beautiful, Kelly!!

And you're wearing pink here...you still have boy vibes? ;)


You look SO cute..I LOVE the shirt!!!!!

Lisa R

What cute pictures! Kelly, you look absolutley adorable. I can't wait to find out what you're having. Good luck, and I hope the ultrasound goes well.


Island Girl

I Love the shirt- Great color. :) You look great. :)


Kelly, you are adorable!!! I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing.


OHHH Kelly! I loved them. What a beautiful pregnant woman!


Thank you all so much! Yes, we hope to find out on Monday if it's a boy or a girl!

We can't wait to find out and we will be SO ELATED and relieved if the baby is healthy !!!!!! :):)

VJ, you kill me girl, I felt bad that people were asking and I sucked at actually doing it! Took me long enough huh?!!!!! lol Maybe once a month, I will post them! Love you too and miss you! See you in July!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!


Love it! Love that shirt too, looks like something I'd wear. ;)

You look fab! Now everyone can LEAVE YOU ALONE ABOUT THE effin belly shots, right? (lol)

Can't wait to see you soon! Love you and miss you!


KELLY - YOU LOOK SOOOOOOO PRETTY - love the shirt, and love the perfect baby belly. I still claim women are so pretty preggo!!! You look amazing, beautiful, and I love that shirt :)

Have a great Friday!


Your preggy belly is gorgeous!! I can't believe you are almost 18 weeks! Awww, I get all teary looking at these pics, I'm so happy for you and I'm thinking back to how much I LOVED being pregnant. Such a blessed, special time.

Thank you so much for posting these pics :) And I STILL say GIRL!!! Cannot wait for Monday.


Cute, Kelly! Love the top and you look great! (I also started showing much sooner with #3 and was in maternity pants around 14 weeks (though just for comfort's sake). But by the time I was 16 weeks, it was obvious I was pregnant.

Have a great weekend! Many Blessings.


Very nice! I am so excited for you and Kevin. Your top is absolutely perfect! I could never find clothes that cute with my boys.


I love your blouse! So cute! And, yeah, I remember feeling huger, earlier with no. 3 as well! Sigh.
Can't wait until the U/S..I forget, will you be trying to find out if boy or girl?


Gorgeous!! I am so jealous. I LOVED being pregnant all three times! I am so happy for you and your family!!


You look wonderful!! Simply wonderful!!


Oh my gosh HOW CUTE YOU ARE!!!!! Thank you so much for those adorable belly shots. You look fantastic and I just wanna pat your belly. LOL!

I still have *pink* vibes and I can hardly wait until next week!!!!! ;0)


You look adorable, Kelly! Love the shirt.

I loved being/looking pregnant. I started wearing maternity clothes long before I need them (started at 14 weeks, still fit regular clothes at 23 weeks.) In fact, I was PISSED when I was admitted to the hospital 'cause it meant I couldn't wear anyway. LOL.

PS- How'd you get so tan?!


You look great, kelly! I don't think you look huge at all. Seriously. In fact, I think you look so sweet and cute. I get misty thinking about that time. (Hope you don't mind me calling you sweet and cute).


You look very beautiful and not big at all!


I can't wait to find out what you are having!

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