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Thursday, May 18, 2006



Thank you ALL so much for posting!

It was nice to hear from fellow TT er's as well! I will definetly stop by and check you all out as well!

Have a great weekend everyone!


OK, I stopped doing TT last month, but stumbled upon your blog today and decided to stop and read.

Aside from the whole pregnancy thing, your TT was practically written by me!

I too lament not catching Gray's Anatomy sooner, I signed my daughter up TODAY for soccer and swimming, her last day of preschool was today, and I LOVE the name Jacob.

Okay, I guess upon further review they were simple similarities, but still... ;)


I am so with you on everything you said about AI...mother of god, this show is so addictive. I already got my tickets for the concert during an internet presale. I'll be 34 weeks pregnant at the time, but we'll cross that road when we get to it.
OMG, I know what you mean about missing sleeping on your stomach. I am not getting nearly enough sleep on my side!! UGH!!
Jacob's an awesome name. As you know, that's what we're naming our little one :)


What a fun TT list :)

Elle x

Margie Mix

Welcome to T13! Sad to see Elliot go too. -Mix

Monica C.

Something you don't know about me?

13. I have always LOVED sleep. When I was 7, I slept until NOON on CHRISTMAS DAY - when my mom finally woke me up (she was like, "This is ridiculous!," LOL). I had a hard time with early classes while in school and I would struggle with jobs where I had to be there by a certain time. Now that I have 2 little ones, I NEVER get to sleep. It's amazing - but I have adjusted (I even go to a 5:30 a.m. class at the gym 2x/week).

OK, so that's more than you wanted to know! LOL!


Katharine from AI looks just like Emily's preschool teacher. What ever happened to those granny looking preschool teachers? haha.

Jacob has been our boy name since before Emily was born. He was going to be Jake or Jakie. I'm pretty sure we're done but really wanted to use than name.

Good luck with the summer and having both boys home AND getting progressively more pregnant. I bet you will all have some great times.

Shame on Daisy. What can you expect though? She's a cat, they don't make sense :P


I can not wait to see pics from Soccer. Ana is in swim lessons also this summer.


Hi Kelly,
I somehow found myself in the middle of your blogs while I was navigating around on the internet highway and i gotta tell ya that I love the way you write! I have so enjoyed reading your blogs and if you wouldnt mind i would like to add you to my list of favorite blogs that i read so i can keep coming back.
Keep up the good blogging!



Aww, I love the happy yoga preggo. VERY CUTE!

Hey, love you. I feel like I'm so behind. Have you been posting more often, or is it the sickness that's got me all wonky?


I'm all caught up on you and so excited for your upcoming u/s (on your anniversary - yay!) and that everything is going well and that you had a fab Mom's Day, etc. etc.

Should be a fun summer, huh? I'll have all 3 girls home. HOLY CRAP! Save for one day of Mother's Day out. Let's see how long I last without losing my ever lovin' mind.



That's quite a list. I've learned so much about you. :)

So, something you don't know about me? Well, since I'm a new blogger not many people know much about me so I'm sure I can come up with something.

Let's see...

13. I'm singer, 1st soprano to be exact. I've sung in choirs throughout grade school, high school, college, and beyond (church choirs, community choirs, etc.). I'm not in a choir now because I just can't bring myself to commit to weekly choir practice instead of spending that time with Snuggle Bug. When he gets old enough, I'm going to have the two of us join the church family choir so that we can sing together. Snuggle Bug already loves to sing, like his mama. :)

There, now you know. :)


VJ you crack me up with your comments!

I never have watched AI either, but when I hear the commercials, I always think of you Kelly!


1. I actually watched A.I. last night---just FOR YOU. I guess being home sick from work does have it's perks. Yeah, I'm with you...I don't want that rat faced little twat Kat to win either. Hell if I know what I'm talking about anyway, I don't watch the show, but oh well.

2. Yay for no rain and being able to get out! As for the library, I know. You still belong to the Y, don't you? Smack me if you want, but is it possible to just go walk the track for a bit and leave Austin in the daycare there? I remember how much you said he used to love playing in the daycare room there. Maybe that will help on those ick days and all those days coming up that are going to be BOILING HOT. ???

4. I'm feeling it for you now. I KNOW you love your kids (duh) but I do know how challenging and hard it's going to be having Nathan home ALL.THE.TIME. I've heard 1st hand how totally chaotic and crazy it gets over there when he's home. OMG!

5. Daisy bit you!!!!! Maybe she thought you were me. lol. Or maybe she was finally getting you back for all those times we made fun of her and watched her as our form of entertainment. LOL. Poor daisy, poor kelly! Sorry.

10. You are a brave, brave, BRAVE woman to even consider a 4th. I would seriously need a lobotomy if I EVEN thought about it. Wow.

11. I like Jacob. Would you call him Jake?


our preschool is over tomorrow. it's going to be a LONG summer...
my fact? never watched AI. do you beleive it?


I think Taylor will win AI. I thought Elliott was sweet too and he had a nice voice.
My list is up and I would love to have you drop by.


Ugh. I don't like Kat at all. Go Taylor!

Something you don't know about me. Hmmm. If given a wish, I'd wish for true love. :)

Sandi P.

Look for an email from me Kelly.

Love your Thursday 13!!

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