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Tuesday, August 30, 2005



awww what a milestone!! the photo is just too darling! HUGS!!!


Thank you SO MUCH ! Your comments always mean the world to me, especially when talking about my boys! :) Hope to post all about his first day soon, you know before I forget about it all!

His second day, today, went a lot better. He did cry when I left but not for very long and she said he did really good! :)


Glad he had a great first day!!

I can't believe you didn't cry!!


Big day!!! Don't worry too much about the haircut -- jake's is the worst to control when it's SHORT!

I'm glad he had fun. I'm sure the crying at drop-off will stop completely soon.

so is this a preschool you have to pay for, or a public one? just curious. ;o)




What a cutie! So glad it went well. :)


Yay! How can our babes be old enough for school? Sigh...

Great job not crying and great job to Nathan for his first day! Awesome!



It is on one hand exciting and on the other heartbreaking to see your child grow up so quickly. You did better than me. The first day V was in school last year, I just bawled. And then I took a job at the school just so I could be kinda with her on school days. Yeah, I had a problem.

What a cute photo of Nathan. I'm glad he had fun his first day.

Love you!


He is too cute. Congrats to you, you made it through the first day. I cry every year on the first day of school, because they keep getting older. I'm such a sap!

Sandi p.

You made it through his first day...good job mommy :).

Way to go Nathan, on your first day of "school".


yes, it was quite an exciting day, and you can tell Nathan was READY in that picture (very cute, btw). I must not be the sentimental mommy-type because when my son had his first day of preschool last fall I didn't cry (never thought I would) - I was too excited FOR him to be all weepy. He was ready, I was ready. It was good all around. It was his LAST day at that school with his beloved teacher that made me sad, but then again, *I* always LOVED the first day of school and must have just projected that excitement onto him.

On the other hand, the first time he actually swam? Yep, all emotional. Like it was first steps or something. School? No sweat. Swimming? all choked up. I'm just plain weird.


What a HUGE day for both of you!! You did so well not to cry, mommy!! Love that photo of Nathan, he looks so PROUD to be at school. Ryan's 1st day of kindergarten will be 13 Feb next year, 2 full days a week - I will be a blubbering mess ;)

SO glad it went well, hon.


Oh, how did you do it, not cry that is? Stephen goes to preschool next year, and I am already dreading it. Hell, I'm already dreading the ONE HOUR, ONCE A WEEK class I signed him up for at the park district.
Nathan looked so adorable in that picture! Thinking of all the 'goodies' he brought to you makes ME want to go back to preschool. Wasn't life just so much simpler then?
Thanks for your post on my mom's b-day. I tried to e-mail you, but my computer won't let me; this happens when I try to e-mail Sue too.
OH, can I have your password to your private blog? I would live to read about the 'real' you:) Thanks and congrats. on this tearless day! You did it!!!

Jerri Ann

Hey, it is me, you didn't leave me your email addy...so here's the new link

no password, just a really anonymous blog


Congrats.....what a big step. Today was Kayla's meet and greet with her teachers, she was so cute. I can't wait until next Tuesday when she starts, but it's a little bittersweet, I know you know what I mean :)

Lisa R

Hey Kelly!

Congrats on your big day. Yes, I said "your", because it seems to be as big of a step for us mommies as it is our babies, when we send them off to school. Nathan looked so handsome and confident at the aquarium. I can't wait to hear how he did. Bailey's first day of first grade is next Tuesday and Reese's first day of preschool is the following Tuesday. Sniff, sniff, I'll be shocked if I can make it through both days with no tears shed. :)


Look at him! He is just ready to soak it all in.

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