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Saturday, August 27, 2005



Glad to hear you are comfortable with the school, very important feature.

It's nice to know that Nathan had a good time meeting his teacher. Do they offer a "soft" start or anything to help ease the kids in? Aidan starts next week and the first day I stay with him (which he won't be happy about) and the second day is only for an hour.

I'm sure he'll have an easier time starting than you will. :) It's hard letting go of that control for your children. Good luck!!


Glad you like the school...Hope the first day goes smoothly



yay! so glad it's going to work out! I'm dreading putting Jake in preschool, simply because of how he acts around non Mama/Nana people! (Which may be the precise reason he needs to go!!!)



YAY for Nathan! How exciting!! He will have a fantastic time on Tuesday, can't wait to hear all about it. Don't get too weepy, mommy :)


I am so glad Nathan likes his teacher and classroom already. He is going to love school.


YEAH! So exciting!


Hahaha. Best of luck, you both will do great!

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