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Saturday, December 04, 2004



THANK YOU SOOO MUCH to ALL of YOU for voting and saying such sweet things about the boys!
You all are the best!
I am so blessed to have you all in my life, I know that is cheesy and corny to say but thats how I feel!
Love you~

Sandi P.

Hey Kel!
Number 5 is my fav as well!

Try to get some rest!!

Love you!


I love #1!!!!


#5 is my favorite. Your boys are just too cute!


Awwww... your boys are so adorable!! My vote is for #5, too. I love how they are holding on to each other. Too sweet...


give me until noon Monday (ok, maybe 3:30, depending on how busy I am at work) and I will come up with something fabulous! Ok? (I'm about to go to bed, it's Sunday night.) love you.



I like #4 Kelly. Sometimes the best pictures aren't "posed." This is especially true with kids. You could even turn it black and white then "paint" Nathan's shirt an opaque red (kind of like the picture I did of Elle). And perhaps even do the stripes on Austin's shirt. Anyway, #4 is my favorite because they both look so happy and natural. ;)


I LOVE number one, they both look so cute in that one...I would leave the food clip, it will give you something to look back and laugh at in the coming years, you won't remember much from this year, I know how busy you are, my boys are 15 months apart!!!!

Funny picture story, the day before school pictures, my 15 year old was giving the 6 year old a shape up.....very cute haircut, but unfortunately as he was doing the line on the forehaed, Anderw(the 6 year old) turned his head, and lost half an eyebrow!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH, didn't get the pics back yet....but I can't wait...lol...hopefully you can see it.. something to remember from his first grade year.
TTy soon, sorry I wrote a book,


#5! Love ya hon!


Thanks ladies !!! You all rock! Keep the votes coming!!!! We definetly plan to crop and then will send to Jen to see if she can work any magic lol!
It looks like it will be between 1 and 5 !!!


I like #5 too. I would crop though. They really are cute pics!


I love #1. So very cute!! Maybe Jen (aka Photo Genius)could work her magic and replace the clip with a Christmas decoration or something festive?? That's definitely my fave.



5. And skip the note about the clip.


Scratch that....#5 is the winner! Just crop out some of the sofa and you have a great picture!!!!!


My vote is for #1! Cute, Cute! Cute!

Shannon D.

Hi Kelly, I posted to you once at the IP, sorry I regressed to being a lurker. Anyway, I can totally relate to trying to get a good shot of the kids. We tried to get a good picture with our kids, and we decided to get out the new Christmas ornaments so that they can play with it, hold it, etc. I thought maybe you can give Nathan an ornament so that it is "Christmassy" instead of the food clip. Just a thought. Oh, I do like number one, that gets my vote, if I have any say since I'm such a lurker. Sorry.

BTW, I just love your website and I relate in sooooo many topics that you write about, I just sorta look up to you at times. Thanks for letting me read on....



I like them all, but number 1 gets my vote, if you can get Jen to photoshop out the food clip. Shouldn't be too hard, right? LOL
Very cute to see them hamming it up for the camera! I got a little glimpse of how much fun my two little girls are going to have with each other in several months!

Jennifer D. (Mom to 4 darlings!)

Number 5 baby!!!!!! I love that one!! It gets my vote!!! ;0)

It was SO hard to get Matthew and Christian to look at the camera and smile for ours. Mark and I had to sing one of their favorite songs and be all silly just to get a smile. But it worked!

Love ya,
Jennifer ;0)


Boy, do I know where you're coming from!! I REALLY wanted a family pic this year. After church a few Sundays ago, I had my parents come over to take the pic. It took me days to 'match' all 3 outfits. I'm overly 'picky ticky' about these things. It would've looked wonderful (if I do say so myself LOL). Anyway, Kyle was in NO mood to have his pic taken - and that was that!!!

Honestly, I like all the boys' pics, but if the chip clip really gets you, I'd retake them. But that's the "perfectionist" side of me coming out :::)))!!

BTW - if you're doing this digitally, you can send them to Walmart & they'll have them ready in an hour!! We did that. You'll have to wait to see how it turned out. Snail mail should be coming your way soon!!

Hope you get some rest!

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