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Wednesday, November 17, 2004





It was great reading your answers. It is nice to get to know you better.


I loved reading that! I admire that you want to work in the social work field -- it's so challenging and emotionally draining, but you really can make a difference!!! And I didn't know you had Nathan while still in college! I totally know what you mean about college degrees and still being broke -- how is it helping me to be smart and educated if there are STILL no decent jobs around? Dude, whatever. ;o)

great answers!



Enjoyed reading your answers, Kelly! :)


Good answers,
That was fun to read. I know what you mean about SAHM not being as easy as people assume that it is. I've done both, and although I truly enjoy the closeness I felt with my children when I was home, I feel I appreciate them so much more when I come home from work. I'm just not cut out to be a SAHM. I wish I had the patience. No matter what decision we make in life regarding our children, somebody will always have something to say to second guess it.
Sorry I was rambling......can't wait to read your entry on the weight loss blog


I had a great time reading through all your answers - thanks, that must've been a marathon session at the computer!! It's great to be able to get to know you even better :)

Sorry you mood is 'so-so' - bring on the margaritas, I say!


Thanks, Kelly.
Sorry I didn't ask any questions! I am having a temporary brain fart (for the last few weeks, ha ha)
It is amazing how alot of your answers (and what I am inferring from your answers) line up with what I would say in response if those questions were posed to me. I appreciate your honesty, and respect your choices.


I'm in shock; I learned things about you I did not know. Enjoyed this entry a bunch, hon; thank you for taking the time to write!

Love, Cara

Sandi P.

Reading that wasn't boring at all hon! I still can't get over how you remind me of myself in so many ways/beliefs!

Thanks for commenting on my "Calgon" entry. Your prayers mean so much!

Love ya lots,

Jennifer D. (Mom to 4 darlings!)

Oh how fun that was. Thanks for taking the time answer all of those great questions. Now I know you a little better. ;0)

Much love~
Jennifer :0)



Thanks for the answers. I found them to be interesting and what a nice way to get to know someone - not exactly questions that would come up in typical conversation.

God bless you, my friend. And if you want to work, then I say work! What a good mommy you are to stay home with your boys, though. Says a lot about your and Kevin's priorities. (NO ATTEMPT AT BASHING WORKING MOTHERS HERE.)

Love you.


Great answers! I think it is really neat you want to work with children and your thoughts about Racial judgements. My parents made sure we looked past the color of the skin. Unfortunately, My In-laws are not the same way.
You are a great SAHM. Don't feel like anyone is judging you for wanting to work. There other children out there that need someone like you to advocate for them.

Have a super Day!


Good morning - loved your answers. This is such a cool thing to do!!

Have a great day!!!

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