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May 20, 2004


Laura Pinto


i guess I would fall into the bracket of the Bon Bon eating mom.My husband and I own a business. I have to help out there as much as I can while trying to take care of our two year old daughter, two step children and the house.

Nobody else but myself knows where the toliet paper is kept, how to change the garbage bag,paper towel roll, where the washer and dryer are kept,(God forbid how they are used)the dishes or dishwasher etc. I think you know what I mean. The fairy comes along and does it all. But yet my husband brings home the money, and yet I still feel like I am not doing enough!!

I feel better now!! Thanks!


Archana Gupta

Hi there. Just to let you guys know I went through all the 6 stereotypes and finally arrived at my destination. Right now I am a Glam Mom. Motherhood is so much fun and so fulfilling and I hope people enjoy being with their kids as much as I do. It is truly the most rewarding and challenging job that a woman can accomplish. In case you have any comments to add kindly post a note at my above e mail. Thanks.


Thank you so much for coming by! All of them are ridiculous and sooooo wrong!!!! Love ya!

Sue (MT writer & Ryan's mummy)

Hey Kelly, interesting post! I think all moms eventually get put into many of those categories at some point :( I guess I'm currently in the Working Mom (cold and uncaring?? yeah right) category, with a bit of the Supermom and Matyr Mom thrown in for good measure. As you said, the stereotypes are ridiculous and plain old insulting. Moms are strong, intelligent women with many facets to their lives and personalities, we should never be 'boxed' into a certain 'category'!! Thanks for bringing this up, it really does make me think about how society sets impossible standards for us when we're all just out there doing the best for our families and ourselves.

Much love


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