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May 21, 2004



Jennifer A~
Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! We have been in the hot sun all day at the St Louis Zoo, to say we are tired is an understatement. I really hope we get some sleep tonight. Thanks for your advice on the names - I am still having trouble with the new name. I am such a DORK! LOL! I cant wait to hear about your date this weekend with Jonathan! I want the juicy details, ;) By the way when is your 6 wk appt?Just wondering! Hope the mommy brain went away! LOL I still want you to start a blog! Itd be so cool I think! Talk to ya soon! Remember call me anytime girlie!

Thanks for checking out my crib! I recently upgraded to the middle pay plan for my blog, thats where a lot of new options, especially colors and fonts, came from but actually I was going to post an entry soon about a certain website that has A TON of color codes on it for more variety of colors. Even with the middle pay plan, most of the colors I didnt like, were either too dark, too light, whatever, and we happened to find this website with more color codes that you can use if you have the middle or higher blog plan. Here is the website chick -
Its crazy how many colors you have to choose from with this website.
I cant wait to hear about the 1st bday party!
P.S. Thanks again for posting to me, sometimes I feel like no one is reading me!

Jennifer S~
Hey girl! That is great about the new floor, I am jealous ;) but you deserve it!!!!!!! Hope you love it! Thanks for the advice on the new names! I still cant decide, I am such a dork, its not like a life or death decision I am making, good lord, I need help LOL! I will definetly call you next week! The only day that I know of that would be bad is Wed, have alot going on that day. We went to the zoo today and I am sooooo tired and feel sick right now, hope we get some sleep tonight, I feel like a hot zombie right now with bathroom issues, LOL TMI!!!!!!
Love ya girl~

Jen A--Evelyn's Mommy

Hi, Kelly.

I like "Open Arms," "KellySpot," and "It Was No Accident." I feel like I should be able to offer some more witty possibilities, but, alas, Mommy Brain seems to be visiting this morning....



your "crib" is so pretty! you are using the same typepad as me, but i swear i don't have as many pretty colors as you do (did). i definitely need to pick your brain some day on how you do all this!

just wanted to let you know that i will be checking in on you! i read about the different types of mother's and i like to think i am the "chic" mom with her perfectly cleansed child, however, i have been known to have delusions of grandeur! (said in a whisper...drugs!)

take care!

Jennifer S. (mom to Collin & Ireland)

Hi Kelly!
My vote is either for KellySpot or A Woman Finding Her Way. I like both. The first is fun, the second is deep. I guess it depends on how you want your blog to be looked at. Fun? Crazy? Serious? Thought pervoking? Or all in one?

We got our floor put in this morning! Whoo, hoo! Looks sharp! Call me next week and we'll chat! I LOOOOOOVE that "free" long distance plan of yours!

Have a great weekend!

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