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May 14, 2004



Brooke and Cara~
Hello, thank you so much for stopping by! I will be emailing you both tomorrow!



Hi Kelly,
I am always amazed by people like you who seem to understand this website stuff. Look at all your fun additions! My website is oh-so-boring. I barely loaded a picture of myself and I still don't know how to respond to each comment individually. grrr.

Btw, I love your "stay at home mom who has other things on her mind besides staying at home." Doesn't that say it all???

Thanks for linking to my recent post. I'm touched in an odd way that my experience meant so much to others. I think it is the mother-worry we share about not being good enough for one reason or another.

Can't wait to keep reading.



Oh, how cool that you and Jen are gonna meet! That is just great - I met Kathee and Bridgett from iP and had a grand time last year... me yukking it up about how Tommy and I were unsure whether we would have a baby together - HA! I hope you two have a wonderful time together.

BTW - do you have an IM... like, Yahoo, or maybe Windows Messenger? I wanted to chat with you about something, but email's too slow and this is too public...

Take care!
L, ~CaraH

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