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May 12, 2004



I hope your day gets better! As always thank you for coming by!

Oh gosh, that story on the news makes me so mad, hello - I am soooo damn lonely its not even funny anymore and there are plenty of days I dont feel like a person let alone a woman.... UGH! That quote from Maya Angelou was wonderful, thank you! You are soooo sweet!

Hope the money situation got better and thanks for posting!


Love you all!


Hey Kel~
I loved that quote-- thanks for sharing. I needed it today.



Kelly!! They had a feature in the wgn news tonight about stay at home dads. They were talking to them, getting their feedback, etc etc. They said "There are two bad points to this structure. A man feels more alone and also feels as though they're not as much of a man". ...as I heard this I was talking to my grandmother--a pt sahm (from when my dad was a kid) and I snapped off. Hello, what the hewl do they think women have experienced every since the beginning of time?! AHH. Rarrh. Later they said that overall this was a better situation for the kids because it was a more equal parenting situation--cause mothers still were nurturing and affectionate to children after working an entire day whereas "dad's seem to need a break when they get home". As if men work harder than women at their jobs I guess. Regardless, I was left angry and with a VERY bitter taste in my mouth.

In addition, I wanted to post an inspirational quote I have in my house...sort of inspired from your "quote of the day". It sort of reminds me of you anyhow (and any other mother or strong woman) "I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being." ~Maya Angelou


Hi Kelly,

I am one of those blindsided people. Especially today!

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