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May 18, 2004



Mary, Amanda, and Cara~
THANKS for the GREAT advice! I am still trying to decide on my new name and everything else ;) I went ahead and upgraded to the middle plan so now I have more color options and other stuff.

Thanks for coming by!
P.S. Amanda - I will be emailing you later on to tell ya my career plans in the future!


Kelly, you can change your blog title but not the blog address and who cares about the address. My address has always been butterfly but I first named my blog "Mary's diary" how boring is that? so I changed it to the diary of the ever evolving woman. So.. don't restart, just change the name!


Hey Kel...

what about "Mom on a Mission". You'll always have a mission and you'll always be a mom. Then a subtitle like "sahm today superhero tomorrow" haha. Just an idea, and no, you needent give me credit for the title... it'd be funny just to see it :)

Hope all is well with you for the time being. When do you not plan on being a sahm? You said something that made me think you were looking at a year from now? Had no clue :) What do you want to do?

Anyhow...I'll check around between here and then at iP for your new address. Feel free to post the address to me via tat or my blog.

Talk to you later!


Hey, girl...
I had a hard time with the title of my blog, too, and still wish that I'd had something a little more original.

My suggestion would be to find a favorite quote, or a favorite song, or line in a song lyric. Looking back, I wish I'd taken more time with my blog title. Maybe something from Clay Aiken that you really like? Or something spiritual? I was wondering maybe something simple like "Open Arms", cause that refers to a song lyric of Clay Aiken, also to scripture (I know that you have a firm belief in the Lord), and to your personality in general. I believe you probably have open arms to many around you.

If I had it to do again though, I'd do some soul-searching and come up with something a little more profound (although my life is crazy!)

Good luck... love ya!

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