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May 23, 2004



Hey, enjoyed the blog. Take care...M


Hi Kelly,
I somehow found myself in the middle of your blogs while I was navigating around on the internet highway and i gotta tell ya that I love the way you write! I have so enjoyed reading your blogs and if you wouldnt mind i would like to add you to my list of favorite blogs that i read so i can keep coming back.
Keep up the good blogging!



Kelly, I am a regular reader of yours (I love hearing what you have to say and seeing all the ways I can relate). Anyways I am sure you know this but I just typed in STay At Home Mom Blogs and you were number six! Good for you! And here I was thinking I would find new things to read and look at. Again thank you for sharing with the world. You really help moms like me who don't have any friends who have kids yet...Laurarus from Minnesota
P.s. My husband and I took a weekend trip to Chicago last weekend to go to Six Flags. Wow! Do you ever get there?


that link seems to not be working... oh well?


Kelly: There is so obviously a generational gap here. If I were you, I'd just let it go. I've encountered similar criticism or at the very least insinuations. Some direct, some not but I ALWAYS consider the source. And it usually comes from women like this who have no idea what family dynamics are like (or should be like) today. Only you and Kevin know how you want your little unit to function and it sounds like you're doing a fine job to me. People love to have their "stories" of how things are and sometimes no matter what you do, you will never change their minds.

I do agree that her comments on you being depressed and even speculating that you're manic are TOTALLY out of line and mean-spirited. Unfounded as they are, but even if they were not. That is NOT HER BUSINESS.

Be upset, because, hey you're human and shit like this smarts, but don't be upset for a second longer than you have to be. This sounds like a losing battle to me and as much as it hurts, sometimes you just have to put some people, yes even family, in the "look but don't touch" shelf in your head and just focus on the people in your life that truly contribute in loving and constructive ways!

Hang in there luv!

Allison Johnson

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