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May 11, 2004



Thank you sooo much for stopping by and for caring! Its been one of those weeks, I am sure AF doesnt help though..... I am just so tired lately, I know you can definetly relate to that and I hope that gets better soon for ya!



Awww, sorry you're down Kelly. It's probably just hormones, in fact I'm sure it is. Being a mom IS hard work, it's def. not the breeze I thought it would be! LOL


Sue MT writer~
Hey there hon! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I am glad to know some people are reading it..... I want to write an iP entry so bad, its not even been two weeks since my last major one about life changes but it feels like its been months since I wrote one for some reason - weird! I cant wait to read your new entry, will be by your place when I get a chance to read it! YEAH! I admire working moms sooooo much as well! Being a mom whether working outside the home or inside the home is tough business isnt it? Thank you for saying those nice words about me and to me, it always helps!

Thank you for coming by, will be checking out your mommy blog real soon!
Come by again!

Hey there! Good to hear from you! Yeah, I took the plunge and started this blog so I have a place to vent and blow off steam without being so PC ya know? I am still on iP but enjoy this too! Come by again! I always try to stay up to date on your blog girl! WOW - that store story really was something! Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one thinking this sometimes!

Thanks ladies~

Sue (MT writer & Ryan's mummy)

Hey Kell,
You know, since having Ryan I have SO much admiration for SAHMs like you. Man, you really do work so hard, day in day out with no sick leave, no lunchbreaks, no 'relief staff'. It's hard being a working mum too but really, I think you do it tougher, girl. And I really admire you for it!! Hang in there and take every opportunity to have that 'Me' time!

The arrival of AF certainly doesn't help :( Hope the rest of the week is brighter for you!



I saw you listed at Blogging Mommies and thought I'd pop by!


Kelly - I just found your blog. Holy hell, mama, I didn't know you had a blog. What is wrong with me?

I'm linking you, pronto, chica.

Also, hey, I get the whole not feelin' the Motherhood sometimes. Sunday, I swear to you, we were at Staples when Ivan and Giselle pulled one of their infamous tag-team operations. Ivan ran in one direction, down a looong aisle fille dwith expensive, breakable things while Giselle turned, as if on cue, and began throwing lovely boxes of expensive wedding invitation paper on the floor. We were there looking for paper for my graduation announcements, and ended up leaving empty handed when Giselle, in a fit of pique at her little shelf-clearing tactics being halted, screamed her cherubic bloody head off. I know when the deck is stacked against me. As we were leaving, the salesboy had the temerity to call out, "Happy Mother's Day!" Happy, indeed.


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