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Friday, August 29, 2008



Fabulous. Is so weird for me 'cause here in South Africa all our pools are in the ground.


I loved reading about your house! We bought our first house and it was twice as big as our last abode. We had empty closets and whole rooms! In fact, when the local clergy came to welcome us, he offered us money to buy a couch for the living room. We still laugh about that, especially now that our family has increased by 3 kids (up to 7 now) and every room is stuffed to capacity with our belongings:)


Thank you all SO SO SO MUCH!

I have missed you all so much!



Hey Girl,
The house is perfect... I LOVE the pool!!!!!! I need a kick ass basement.. lol


Hi Kelly, thanks for the house pics. Looks great! Wow, what a pool y'all have there. Hope everything is great with you!


So glad you found the perfect house for your family! It is beautiful.

Jerri Ann

It screams wonderful and every time you say "kick ass basement" I nearly lose it b/c I would so kill for that kind of space.

Sandi P.

Finally pictures of your new house! Beautiful Kelly, as if your entire family. Love the update. Can't wait for Part II!

Lisa R

Beautiful house Kelly! Thanks for the update. It sounds like you guys are doing great. Oh, and your recent pictures of the kids on flickr are adorable :)


The house is perfect! Thanks for the pics and update - it was so good to hear from you :) Love you!


WoW! It looks perfect! And the pool looks HUGE!
Congrats. Looking forward to part 2!



So glad to read a wonderful update from you. The house sounds perfect for your family - and what a cool bonus to have extra space and a pool!

Good to hear you sounding so happy.

God Bless you.

Kim j

Its just beautiful and you sound like you are crazy happy and busy. Have a great Holiday weekend.

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