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Thursday, February 01, 2007



((((( Thank you all so much! )))))

I really love you all!

aunt sheila

if i say so myself, i have the cutiest, sweetest, most loving great neices and nephews in the world. i love them and their parents so very much. keep up the great parenting job!!!!!!!!!


Awww, how beautiful, Kel. Love it!


How adorable! I read your last post about Haley being a sleeper and can only hope, and pray, that she will be that baby for you! You sound so happy.

Pastormac's Ann

Yup that smile (and the giggle that we can't hear but can surely see) are priceless.

Happy LT.


Very sweet! I agree, the kiddos always look like they are happy & having fun.


(((( Thank you so much ladies! ))))

You are sweet for saying my kiddos always look happy....we have our moments lol, no family is perfect but yes they do seem very happy and they are most certainly loved and cherished.

We get told a lot how happy and loving and loved they seem, that makes me happy.


Oh yes Wendy, Haley can't decide what she is doing. Some nights are horrible, others are decent, no real good ones currently though lol.


Oh how cute! I agree, your children always look so happy!

Sandi P.

How sweet!!!!!!! :)


AWWW! He is to cute!! Sure do enjoy seeing your family. The kids ALWAYS look so happy. Thank you so much for sharing these precious pictures. Hope to hear Miss Haley is sleeping for you!:)

Blessings to you!

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