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Thursday, February 22, 2007



why oh why do my 2 older girls fight over the Nintendo......: )


Thank you ladies!

Laura, glad to be back!

Wendy, thank you sweetie! Love the pics!

RM, Yes totally the ladies are amazing!!!!!!

Steph, thank you :) you are so cute!

Kate, amen Kate amen and go you !



It's amazing how much more you accomplish when the computer's off, huh! Over the weekend I did 11 loads of laundry, cleaned the house from top to bottom, adopted a cat, got my hair cut and colored, and ran 2 miles!


Good for you Kelly! Glad you had a great day, even though it involved breaking up fights, being puked on and having twitches.


Hmmm a day unplugged huh? Not sure I would make it. :) I loved your overview post about it though. :)
I try to reward myself with online time. Laundry- gets me 10 minutes. Cleaning the toliets gets me a good 20. ;)

So have you been watching AI? I think the girls are kicking to boys butts. :)


Missed you! Hope all is well.



Very good idea. Wish I could do it too. The computer is kind of my treat during the day. I get on in between everything I am doing. Glad to see you back! Love the picture!

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