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Tuesday, December 05, 2006



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She's beautiful!


ADORABLE HALEY! Loved the smiling pictures, what a doll!
Yep, those newborn days (months, ha) are bittersweet, aren't they? Definitely a lot to love and a lot to not! I am wondering these days what happened to my little baby, Ella! She is speaking in sentences now, and will be 2 in a month. Time flies, eh?
Thanks for taking time to share your baby with all of us! XXOO

Jill Piel

Hi Kelly,
Congratulations on the new baby; she is beautiful. I was wondering if I could have your DL password?? Pretty please?

Hope you get some sleep soon!!



Sorry about the sleep thing. I've been there myself and never came up with any great solutions other than asking for help wherever I could get it. I think some babies are wired to be good sleepers and some aren't. I've had a good sleeper, a horrible sleeper and an average one and I treated them all pretty similarly so I think it's just their internal makeup.

I also know about PTSD and I hope that you're able to get some help with that. There are a lot of professionals out there who can give you some coping mechanisms to deal with the symptoms. Being post-partum, sleep-deprived, having three kids and PTSD symptoms can pretty much put you at the limit of what one person can handle.

On a happier note, though, your daughter is beautiful and at least you get those smiles to carry you through!

Take care.


Your pictures are gorgeous!! Sorry to hear about the sleep trouble- that is difficult to deal with on its own, never mind throwing in two little boys to the mix. Gripe water and white noise were my little tricks. Sometimes I would put the baby in the swing right next to the treadmill, turn it on and voila- baby sleeping. I used everything from fans/ blowdryers/ dustbusters/ vacuums- I was desperate and it got me over the hump.
Good Luck,


Oh Haley is just so BEAUTIFUL!! What adorable pics of her smiling :) I'm so glad her little top fits, I was worried it would be too small.

So happy to read an update. Hon, those newborn 'daze' are shockers, aren't they? Haley sounds a lot like Amelie in the early days - a very infrequent sleeper day and night. She will turn a corner SOON, hang in there!! We added drops to A's bottles, either Infants Friend or Infacol, for gas but not sure if they're available there?

Thinking of you and hoping you all get some much needed rest very soon.


she is so beautifull : )


Haley is so stinking cute!!! Those pics of her smiling are priceless!!I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. i have been there I know how hard it is!!! It took me 5 tries to get a good sleeper :)) I wish I could come and just hold her one night for you so you could sleep!


Sorry to hear about the sleep thing. Sean's almost 8 and we still don't sleep, but for totally different reasons.

Miss Haley is one Beautiful little girl! Love that smile!


You just described Adrianna's sleeping habits and personality to a tee! I sympathize with you on the sleeping issue. I hope you guys can work something out so you can get some rest. It is hard, I know.
It will get better!
And OMG she just gets more and more adorable!


What a cutie! I think one of those outfits was Ella's..I love seeing them on her.



OMG, she is cracking me up. TOO CUTE! And a month old already? WHAT?! I love her sweet smile!

Have you tried the whole baby-wearing sling kinda thing? Not the Snugli, where there's a spot for their arms and legs all to go through, but the big piece of cloth sling kinda thing . . . a lot of people have had luck with those for babies that want to be held 24/7. Jake-man was happy in his bouncy/vibrating seat, so I never had to resort to it. LOL.

Hang in there, Kel. It WILL get better! YOU CAN DO THIS!

love you!



So good to hear from you. She is to die for, I love the pics!


Been checking on you everyday, thanks for the post. Of course you have more important things to concentrate...I am feeling your tiredness. Nothing like having a newborn. Things will come around though, the first couple of months are always the worse. Good luck! She is so adorable! Can't wait to see more...

Sandi P.

I love the smiling pics of Haley...I want to see more of you as well with her. :)


Honesty is always good, Kelly. I think you'd be surprised by the support you'll get from others, even when you let the rawness show. Even though noone can truly understand what you're going through, though many of us have certainly been through the hell of sleepless nights and days with a newborn. I hope you are physically healing and that you are at least enjoying the time with your beautiful family.

Here's to some zzz's floating over your head soon.


She is too gorgeous for words, and what a BEAUTIFUL smile! Love you, hon - thinking of you.


That picture of her smiling is precious!


The pictures of your baby girl laughing/grinning are precious beyond belief! Keep a stout heart! You will sleep again!


OMG Kelly, she is adorable! I am sorry you are having such horrible sleep issues right now. I hope things look up real soon. I remember those days all too well.

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