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Wednesday, October 04, 2006



I just don't see what everyone else does. I have weird taste, I guess. LOL



Are you ladies nuts? Scary? THAT PICTURE?? Uhh... I would not kick him out of bed...



I will have to check that out Nino! Have never even heard of it.

Sue and Kristin -

I totally agree on the 2nd pic, scary and not hot at all, just posted it because I thought it was interesting lol.

Thanks ladies!


You are so funny, I had to laugh at your remarks!!! I don't really care for DB and the nude shot, is kinda scary!! But the first one is cute though


Love the 1st pic, he is definitely great to look at. Don't like the 2nd one though although check out those muscles - amazing!

David Beckham is hot and sexy until you hear him speak. Sounds like a child. High and squeaky lol.


He is a beautiful man. In other news, have you seen "Bend it Like Beckham"? Excellent movie. (He's not in it but for a second)


AMEN VJ, I don't care for the more exposed pic either but figured someone out there would like it lol

I knew you would appreciate this week's HDH! :)

I thought of you as I posted it :)

And yes he DOES make tats look oh so HOT!!!!

Thanks Laura and VJ!


PS. I'm not a fan of tattoo's either but he makes them look HOT!


GOD CAN I HAVE HIM! Whoa! I was just drooling over that milk ad in my Cosmo the other day. I honestly do NOT LIKE that last picture...looks too weird. But that first one....Hotttt!


He is HOT. Can't say the samething about his wife though...

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