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Thursday, September 14, 2006



They're all very sweet names.

We found it really hard to come up with a girl's name that we agreed on. In the end it was a decision between Maya and Amelie. I preferred Maya and Mark pushed for Amelie and I'm so glad he did. Of course I love the name now :) Others I like are - Isabella, Ava, Amelia, Charlotte and for boys - Nathaniel, Nathan, Ryan, Will, Aaron and Harry.

Lisa O

I LOVE those pictures of you and Kevin - you are not dorks at ALL - you just radiate pure love which is so refreshing.
I love your #9 name - Laney - that is actually what we call Delaney most of the time - or Laney Sue (short for Delaney Suzanne).
I don't think I can think of 13 but I love Sydney, Isabelle, Lexie and Rachel.
Have a great weekend and relax if you can - that sweet baby girl will be here so soon! OMG I am so excited for you!!!
Love ya


I have to start by saying I'm a little partial to Jacob... that's my son's name ;)

I LOVE Olivia, my niece's name is Brooklyn... we call her Brookie (close to Brooke :p), have a cousin named Ashlyn and another named Ashley, Jacob has two best friends named Morgan... one boy one girl, and I like Abigial/Abby. I almost named my new puppy Abby, but she's definitely a Molly! ;)

During my entire pregnancy I called my baby "Emmy". She was going to be Emily Rose (Rose after my grandma who just passed.) But since high school I wanted to name my girl Michaela Zion. My mom's glad I had a boy ;)

Happy T13! My list's up!

Chelle Y.

Those are beautiful names.

Monica C.

I love your names. Of course, I think my girls' names are pretty cute: Sierra Alexis and Alyssa Arden.

I also like Elyse, Ilyse, Marina, and others. Funny, now that my family is complete, I've forgotten so many of my favorite names. My favorite boy name is Gray.

Also, my Thursday Thirteen is up!!


Mia, Paloma, Bianca were all in the running for all 3 girls.

Notice they're all GIRL names. That's what we're meant to have, for sure. :)


My TT is up as well. I used to hate the name Brook but now I think it goes with anything..I love Kenzie and Laney from your list. We are adopting from China and trying to come up with something..We dont want trendy but there are some really pretty ones out there


I love your names..I also like Erica, Holly and Brianna! Great TT, I played too. Stacie


I love those names!! My girls' name was going to be Lydia or Kyra. I have only boys, though. I wanted Noah for#4, but dh wouldn't allow it....he didn't like the name at all. Just think maybe you can talk your kids into using some of your faves for your grandkids someday.

My TT is up, too!!


Girl names were so hard for us. Our oldest dd is Hannah. When #2dd came we just couldn't agree. I wanted Bethany but dh wouldn't go for it. We finally settled on Holly. I love Sophia too but hadn't thought about it 8 years ago.

I could have 10 boys and not run out of names. We only have one ds. His name is Gabriel. The next name we had planned was Gideon. I have always loved the name Peter. There's tons others too


I pretty much used all the boys names I like..my boys are Thomas, Andrew, Joshua and Jacob...but I also like Gavin and Logan.

I LOVE most of the girls names you picked. Of course my favorite is Kayla, but when we were pregnant with Jake the girls names we were thinking of were Ava, Hannah, Abby, Megan and Maya.


I'm actually due with a baby girl (Feb. 1) and we are so not sure about names. We like Maggie Ann...but do you think that sounds too much like Raggedy Ann? Such pressure to pick the right one. We lucked out with Baby Boy ~ Nathaniel Joseph fits him just right.

Great list...I may have to try and make my own soon to get some opinions!

Happy Thursday.


those are lovely names. I love Ashley, Laney, Lexi and Abigail.

The Shrone

I've always thought that Chlaymidia would make for a lovely girl's name, too bad it's a disease. I like Lydia as a name, too. Bryce Avery for a boy.


Lovely names. There are so many but finding that perfect one is so hard. The family always steps in and says something, like there is a relative that has the name who we never see, ect. We are thinking of Hayley too(please forgive me! I am going to spell it different at least) and we also like Mackenzie. My husband likes the name Halle. We shall see. OH and Kelly, remind how I said I may get the same baby set as you? I think we are going to have a couple of the grandma's make ours. I really wanted pink! My MIL really wants too(as long as I get to pick things out!). Have a nice day!


I love the names Veronica and Anastasia and Gabriella and if there's every another in our family, we really like Magdalena or Isabella (but this one has become a bit too commonly used for our tastes).


i love this list.

i wanted to name both my girls Haley.
but i ended up with an Emily and an Isabella.

my son, Joshua, would have been Ashley Hannah if he had been a girl.

so..it seems we have similar taste!


I love the name Haley!
Congrats on the upcomming newbie!
Great TT!
Have a wonderful Thursday.
My TT is up

Candy Minx

Beautiful names!

some of my faves? Blue, Jamine or Yasmine, Carmelina, Ginger, Mercedes (spanish pronunciation) Alexandra, Clemintine, Evangiline,

here is my TT list...


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