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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


your fucking self portraits suck on flickr get out you whore!!!!
What the fuck are those things over your eyes? Caterpillars??


I hope you are able to find her someday and find her well and healthy.


I wish there was a way to find her for you. It would be great if you could see what she was up to in "life" right now. 16 is HARD...I hope she's doing well.


This is such a wonderful entry, not only because of the BB/BS program, but because you had a wonderful impact on Ashley and she had one on you as well. My brother told me a couple years ago ' People will float in and out of your life, and all you can hope is that you had a powerful effect on them as they did you, and you were blessed that you had them in your life, no matter how long.'' So true.
I can totally see you and Haley doing wonderful things together, just like you did with Ashley. I hope you will be able to find Ashley one day.

Monica C.

I have always wanted to be a BS through thr BB BS program! That is great that you got to experience that. I woud also love to be a foster parent - maybe when my children are older. Have you tried Googling Ashley or her family? (((hugs)))


How very special! I have never looked into it but it sounds like a wonderful program. Too bad you lost touch, maybe you will cross pathes someday...

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