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Thursday, August 24, 2006



How can't someone like McDonalds fries-they are the best! I can see olives although I like them but wow, what do you like? I have never tried sushi. I love fried chicken but am not big on gravy either...Very fun TT


PS I liked pasta a lot a lot a lot more before I was pregnant, so maybe its just this pregnancy actually!


LOL I know I am a total freak! I know most people love most of these things!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and for posting!

I will be by your TT's really soon!


I LOVED LOVED LOVED your pasta, like I said its really good every once in awhile, I just don't like to eat it every week. If I remember right, I went back for seconds with your pasta, it was damn good!!!! :) All the food rocked! :)


Sure - now I feel bad that I made pasta while you were here. :)


I agree with you re: meat - I rarely eat red meat these days, I prefer chicken or fish. Seriously dislike sushi though! I craved mashed potato and gravy while pregnant ;)


I like so many on your list..hahaha
Great TT
My TT is up
Have a wonderful Thursday!


ACK! You don't like olives OR sushi. I don't think we can be friends anymore.



Oh no!! I swear Kelly, I like EVERYTHING you hate, except I don't like my coffee hot either. I love sushi, love it! The fat on the steak is yummy, haha. Mint Chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite. I still love you lots though :)


I'm with you on being picky with meat. It can be a perfectly good peice of steak, but if I bite into fat, I'm done. I cannot eat chix legs or thigh or any of the boney stuff. I LOVE McDonald's fries though...and green olives, I could sit here with a jar of them and a spoon: )

Monica C.

I am with you on the olives, sushi, coffee, mint flavoring and fish. Oh, and the gravy. Those are all, ewww.

BUt who does not like McDonald's fries??? Sometimes, I ONLY get fries, no burger. They are delicious in their crystalline saltiness. LOL.


Well I've got to say I'll eat any of the things that are on your list. I don't like fat though and will cut it off the meat.

Happy Thursday!


I so agree about the sushi! Don't eat fried foods much but fried chicken is good sometimes. However, I love anything chocolate and mint is fine too!

Sandi P.

Well, even though Cara used to tell me that I remind her of you, we definitely have different food likes/dislikes; except, I totally hate McD's french fries...most everything else on your list is pretty darn good, in my opinion. :)

Do you not like biscuits either, or is it just biscuits and gravy as an item? I love me some Chick-Fil-A biscuits...mmm, my favorite!

Almost Friday...YES!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with you on sushi... And I hate seafood. Blech.
But biscuits and gravy? That's my favorite... sorry!

Happy T13! My list's up


OMG, I can't believe you don't like coffee or chocolate chip ice cream. Two of life's greatest pleasures for me!

Island Girl

I am with you on the Mcdonalds Fries. I do not care for them. I would rather have Portillos fries.

I don't like Pep. pizza either. Yuck.

EEEEWWWWW Olives. Yuck. That is the one food that I can't stand. If there is a dish with olives in it- I won't even touch it. bleck. *shudder*

I love my moms fried chicken. That is the meal I request for every birthday. Fried chicken, greenbeans ( not the thin ones- the fresh ones-lol), rice and gravy. I do NOT like KFC- yuck.

You know I love my coffee. ;)


Wendy's fries are the best fries IMHO. :)

I love mint and chocolate...then again, I'm probably one of the few people who actually like those. :D Haha.

Happy Thursday! :)


Funny, I like most of the things you don't. I am with you on the green olives, sushi and fish. Yuck.


Wow, I like a lot of those things!! I'm really picky about my steak though.

my 2 cents

A great idea for a list, but it's funny that so many of the foods that you dislike are the foods that I do like, including the McDonalds Fries, Fried Chicken, Italian Pasta, Biscuits & Gravy, and the Black Olives.

However, I have to agree with you on the fish. I really dislike fish myself.


Funny, my hubby says Micky D's fries are the best around and I always disagree with him!

Great list!

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