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Thursday, August 17, 2006



Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by!

Love the songs you all mentioned too!!!!

I hope to stop by all of your TT's really soon as well!



I love the 80's and love singing along to Jesse's Girl. I also really like I Will Survive and Total Eclipse of the Heart. Or anything by Shania is fun to sing! "Any man of mine..."


I love this TT and might have to steal (ahem, I mean borrow) it sometime! ;-) I am so jealous that you got to go the AI5 concert! I wanted to go, but started to look for tickets too late.

My TT is up!!

Jenny Ryan

I LOVE #4 because of the scenes in the movie "The Replacements" where the replacement football team is in jail and then, in one of the most awesome bonding moments ever, they all begin to sing and dance to this song!


Ha, love it. I sing all kinds of crazy stuff. But I'm with you on the Alanis stuff. Not sure what made me think I was so tough.

Mrs Lifecruiser

As a true Swede I have to answer ALL the ABBA songs of course ;-)

(And a bunch of other totally nerdy Swedish songs that you've never heard of and would make you fold double of laugh spasm if you heard them...*lol*)


My favorite at the moment is Far Away by Nickelback. I have always loved them, but this song fits in perfectly for us and this time in our lives. ;0)

~ Stacy ~

Ha! Surely you jest on my naming what songs I belt out. Have you got all day and miles of comment box space? [grin] Truly, I belt out every song I know.

Great list, btw. I've downloaded a couple of your songs mentioned that I didn't previously have.


"Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Cass Elliot. I cannot listen to it without singing along. (Yes, the one that was playing in the bunker in "Lost"!)


I'm NOT a country music fan, but will sing 'Friends' at the top of my lungs, too!


I'm NOT a country music fan, but will sing 'Friends' at the top of my lungs, too!


I'm NOT a country music fan, but will sing 'Friends' at the top of my lungs, too!


VJ, LOL! Well I like it but I loved it back in high school, when Garth made country cool :) or at least cool to some people. I hated it before him.

I don't know any current country songs at all, now I listen to mainly Top 40 stuff and especially my Nickelback cd from you :)

Your comment made me laugh though!


Yous a countra girl forsua!


On My Own ... I love that from Les Mise!!!

Cindy Swanson

Oops, forgot...what songs do I belt? "Defying Gravity" from "Wicked"..."On My Own," from Les Miserables..."It's All Coming Back to Me" by Celine Dion...those are just a few. :)

Cindy Swanson

Great idea for a TT...and you're right, those are belters! :)


stop in the name of love .......think it oh oh ver...

cute 13

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