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Thursday, August 03, 2006



I hear you on most of these. Will have to try the chicken burrito bowl at Chipolte. I could not live without a Target or Starbucks close by. We have to drive to get to most places too, well, a half an hour or so...Yes, you sound like a pregnant woman, thinking about food. Isn't that what we do best when pregnant?


Yikes. I'm flashing back to our short stint in Mendota (2 hours from Chicago) 2 years ago. Couldn't handle it, hon. Bless you!! :)


I didn't realize there were places that didn't have these places :P I feel like it would be cruel to mention that we have MULTIPLE locations of most of the things you mentioned where I live. BUT we can't afford a home and traffic is awful, does that make up for it??? :)


Um, NONE of those places are near me LOL. But I would definitely like to try them out some day when I visit you of course :)


Great list..
I love Red Lobster..

My TT is up

Mysterious Lady

I can tell your pregnant!

Happy TT


Well, does it count if I have to drive at least 1/2 an hour to get to most of the places on your list? Starbucks is the only one that is located in my town, which is a sub-suburb of Portland. Don't think we have Summer Kitchen Cafe or Grady's out here. I feel for you, honestly.


We've got everything, but Gradys and the Summer Kitchen Cafe. I used to work at Red Lobster...I could eat a good half dozen biscuits in a shift...You don't want to know how many Fat grams are in each one.Thank god we were always busy and I burned them off!LOL I couldn't live anywhere without Barnes and Noble or Starbucks!

Chaotic Mom

WOW! I thought we had everything where I live, but I guess not! I need to look up a couple of places on your list. I haven't found a place as exciting as Grady's Pizza here yet.


As I was reading your list I was thinking "Man, how does she live without these places" and then I read on and you said the exact same thing. I feel for you.

Kate O'Brien

I love the Gap too and really love those bags.


I'm going to hit THE GYM and then stop off at BARNES & NOBLE to grab a book before I head on over to SUPERTARGET to get a few things. Then I'll quickly grab some CHIPOTLE or SUMMER KITCHEN CAFE for dinner which, both, are RIGHT NEXT DOOR to my job at STARBUCKS!

I'll save THE OLIVE GARDEN for the weekend since they are mid-city. *grin* Their Peach sangria is THE BEST EVER!

Rub it in??? Nahhh. Never.



Well, we only have the Starbucks, Gap, B&N, MM and Pier 1. No Target and I don't think one will be built in the next year before I leave! Living without a Target has been a sad life in my shoes! :( I miss Target
( I am glad you posted though!! I miss your posts!!! I hope you all had a great time this week!)

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