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Thursday, July 20, 2006



What a great idea!
I have seen a few from your list.
Have a wonderful Thursday!
My TT is up


Thank you for your comments! It's been a busy few days but I will be stopping by your TT's really soon! Better late than never right?! :)


Fun post (even being about sad movies!). I cried at Beaches and even more when I hear that song as it was played at a good friend's funeral. I cried watching Titanic too. I STILL haven't seen The Notebook! Must get it soon.


Great movies! All of them!
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great movies. i also posted about flicks at


This is a great list of movies. I love these too.


Great movie list. There are some on there I have not seen. I will have to check them out..
My TT is up

Sandi P.

Loved your list...Titanic ranks high on my list. Made me cry like a baby as well. Can't think of other ones right now.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE so many of these!!!! The Notebook was wonderful and I loved Titanic too. I want to see 40 yr. old virgin.

My TT is up here.


Oh Kelly, what a great topic-movies. Love, love, love movies! I am the same way, I really like a movie that makes me cry, not that I like crying if that makes any sense. When a movie touches me I will think about it for days. Have you seen Mystic River? That one had a huge impact on me, I still think about it. I loved The Notebook but funny thing is it did not make me cry anymore then just tearing up. Wierd, huh? Hopefully will hear from you tomorrow, I check to see if you wrote anything new more then daily...

Island Girl

Great list. :)


Great list!! Happy TT, mine's up ;).

Mom Carver

Love movies, but don't get to see many without falling asleep these days.
My TT is up, come visit.


I cried SO HARD at the Notebook! OMG. Seriously. What a beautiful love story.

I think my favorite all time movie is Labrynth.(sp?) I also really love Ever After with Drew Barrymore.



Great list!!
I love movies!
Among my faves are Dragonfly & Tristan + Isolde.
Congrats on the pregnancy also!! :)


Beaches is a great movie. I cry every time, and I've seen it MANY times. :)


I like this list. I cry pretty much every time I watch Beaches. It also reminds me of me and my childhood best friend. I also loved Titanic (saw it four times in the theater for free, since I worked at a movie theater back then) and The Notebook. I haven't seen the 40 Year Old Virgin yet, but I really want to.


Dude! I LOVE 40 Year Old Virgin. I just love him.

Great list! Mine is up, too!


Oh, yes, those are some great movies! I bawled at quite a few of those too! And sad to say, repeated watching still makes me cry!!

Great TT! I played too!


Beaches will ALWAYS make me cry like a baby. It reminds me and my best friend of one another as well. Great movie! Timeless...


HA! I did my favorite movies too...there is another girl who did lines from movies too! Weird...
Great list...all good movies! Beaches does make me cry too...even now when I still hear the song. :)
My TT is up!


my husband watches Titans All the time. I would watch & cry over the Color Purple, too. fun list. have a great weekend!

Wystful 1

I love movies!!! And ALL that you have on your list I've seen! A very diversified and wonderful list I might add.

Happy Thursday

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