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Wednesday, July 26, 2006



wow. I have pictures from a vacation in 1993 when I was 14 and like 120 pounds -- someone who is over 5'9" and big boned should NOT be 120 pounds! I looked scary, but I was just proud of myself for being so thin. Oh well, I learned eventually that if I wanted to not be dizzy and tired all the time, I had to eat. DUH.

Good for you for posting this!!!



I just don't think many women will ever be happy with 100% with the way they look. My skinniest friends are always saying how fat they are and how they are on a diet...I bet part of your not eatting so much was because you were in love. I remember always losing weight because I was sooo in love, it was like I forgot to eat! The pics look really good, I mean I would say you look healthy and had some meat on your bones unlike a lot of celebrities. It is fun to look back isn't it? You wonder what you were thinking at the time!


Wow, I hear you on that one. I have some pics of myself at, oh gee, around the same age, and weighing my lightest, EVER, but at the cost of my health. Now at 35, I also realize that doing it the slower way is much safer, but damn, it takes longer!! Thanks for sharing your pics and story with us.


Great legs :) :)

As mummies, we should all be proud of how our bodies have changed!

Well, I'm trying to convince myself of that lol.


Thanks Sandi! :)

Monica, SOOOOOOO true isn't it?! It is crazy!

Monica C.

I totally hear you about body image issues! It's funny how we can look back and say, "I was looking good," but at the time we did not think so!

Sandi P.

I love the picture Kelly...and you're right...you got some mighty-toned leg muscles in them. :)

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