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Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Love these pics! College days are such fun when the hard work is not getting in the way ;)


Great pics Kelly!

I have to pass on the T.T. this week.....


you know i`m going to have fun with these pics, making a video clip for you, hope all is well your way xx


Time does go by so quickly!! College days go so fast! Love the pics, thanks for sharing!


Thank you for posting! I had a lot of fun with this post, brought back good memories :)

Mary Ann and Overwhelmed - Loved your TT's! I have heard that before about Brooke Shields, probably just the brows and brown hair. I take it as a compliment though, thank you!

VJ, I thought you might notice that and like that :):). Actually I wasn't wearing any lipstick in these pics (it does look like it though), I have never cared for l stick. Like it on other people but it always cakes up on my lips. I have a natural red tint to my lips and I probably had just licked them or something lol

The rings and bracelets and nail polish OH YEAH, back in the day I was a ring, bracelet, n polish whore! :)

That's a whole other post lol. There are reasons why I no longer wear many rings and bracelets, need to blog about that sometime.

GREAT talking to you today, as always :) Love you too!

Thank you Steph!


Oh how fun!! I love this post!


What a great Treasure Tuesday post! My college years were some of my best years as well!

I've posted my treasure as well. Stop by and take a peek. :)


I LOVE these pictures. I would have to say they are some of my favorites because they show the Kelly I "know" and love! (I wanna laugh...it's so fun! lol).

Hey...but one thing...lipstick....rings...bracelets...NAILPOLISH!!!!!! What what what?!!!! :)

Love you...have fun with the three kids at the park. I'll be praying for your sanity! ha. Call me this afternoon. I'll be around.

mary ann

this brought me back to college days!!! {i went to depaul in chicago}...

& you're like a brooke shields double, can i just say!!!!!!!

yep, college daze were wicked fun & carefree times!

btw, hope you have a safe & speedy delivery!
congratulations in advance!

:) mary ann

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