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Thursday, June 01, 2006



Hehe, my Grandfather had 8 brothers (and no sisters) I guess in the end they wanted a girl, but they loved the boys still :D My aunt got three boys and didn't mind a bit. So who cares baybes are miracle no matter the gender, just as you said!!


I know that your baby is going to be loved so much either way! What a wonderful family you have.


I hear ya on the gender deal. My last pregnancy I had a girlfriend that wanted me to have a girl so badly that when I called to tell her it was another boy she started whooping and hollering because she somehow heard "girl," (sorry, major run on sentence) I was thrilled to be having another boy and having someone be disappointed annoyed me. Like you I am on my third pregnancy after two boys. I do think I am having a girl and I do want a girl but I will not be disappointed if it a boy either. In fact it would be so much easier to have another boy! I don't know, maybe I am wrong to even say I think I am having a girl. Babies are blessings no matter what. The same girlfriend that was disappointed with me having a boy on my last pregnancy is having her first baby. Her husband has three sisters and is the only man to carry on the name, the family wanted a boy and they are having a girl. It is too bad that there is so much emphasis on gender rather then health. Can't really win can you? Good luck to you in feeling better!


It's amazing the things people say to pregnant women/new mothers. "Awww..you didn't get your girl." Well, no, but look at this happy healthy beautiful boy I got instead. Wouldn't YOU be disappointed??

I mean, come ON! :)

Feel better soon, sweetie!!


Super TT! :)
All the best to you!
My Thursday Thirteen is up.


Urgh, hope you get over that cold soon hon.

OF COURSE you are excited about the BIG ultrasound coming up, you have every right to be!! It is such an exciting, wondrous time. And that precious babe will be a wonderful gift, boy or girl :) Every baby is a miracle, the gender doesn't change that!! Love you :)


get well soon darl : )

Lady Jane

Josh Lucas is a good actor! I haven't seen Poseidon, but he was fabulous in Sweet Home Alabama (I can't remember what else he was in recently!). Oh, and I do want to see Glory Road when it comes out on dvd.


I hear you on the gender thing. I am already getting comments and I'm not even pregnant yet. We haven't even told people we want another child. The comments are enough to drive me insane.

"What would you do if you had another boy?". Stupid, Stupid, People.

Just saying.


Enjoy your pregnancy! It do fly by so fast and when its gone, its something at least I miss! And boy or girl, this baby is going to have one awesome momma!!!


I totally feel you on this one Kel. We had 3 boys first, then a girl. I was thrilled that Kayla was a girl, but I would have been just as happy with a boy too. Now that we are pregnant again, people just assumed we were trying for a sister for Kayla. NO...I wanted another baby, and I am SO happy we are having a boy. The worst part is, people don't only feel sorry for me, they feel sorry for my daughter... that just rubs me the wrong way. Sorry, just had to vent on your blog : )


Thank you all so much! I will be stopping by your TT's very soon, it's been a crazy day!

Also just wanted to make sure I clarified something. All my blog friends have just said, "I think it's a girl" not "I hope it's a girl" big big BIG difference! :)

None of you have upset me or have offended me :)


I have 3 boys, and LOVE it!! there was a tiny piece of me (us) that wanted a girl, but at the ultrasound, when it was obvious it was a boy- I burst into tears- happy tears. hope you are feeling better!


I didn't want to know but the technician was too quick for me that day. But I had already been calling it a him so it wasn't a shock. A baby is a baby to be loved, adored and cared for. Sex should never be an issue! Be sure to up date those that are checking in!


I know what you mean about people hoping you have a girl. I have four boys and one girl, so I get a lot of comments about "all those boys" and "don't you want to try for one more girl" and stuff like that.


I'm sorry you're feeling so sick! I hope you get better soon, it must be aweful.


I'm so jealous even though you are sick. I can't wait till I get pregnant. My T13 is up too!


It'd be great to have you blog for us a T-13 once you have your baby! *hint* pics. I always love seeing baby pictures. *smile* (I'm a grandma and love to have others share)

My T 13 is up


Kelly, I can relate to where you are right now. I have three boys and when we found out we were having our third son I wasn't going to tell anyone because I seemed to be the only one excited about it. My husband's stepmother actually said "awww, is there anyway that they are wrong?"! Can you believe that one?!? I kindly reminded her that I was very thankfully that he was healthy.

Good luck on your ultrasound, I hope you see a very healthy boy or girl! And please, keep talking about, it's fun to read your excitement. :)


Kat, my lovely troll again, do you KNOW me IN REAL LIFE? NO. I DON'T talk about it constantly, at all. It is other people that constantly say, "Hope it's a girl" and stuff like that. I agree with you that it is what it is. Good lord. You are saying that to the wrong person, seriously.

I talk about my ultrasound a lot on my blog because I AM EXCITED about it, all expecting moms are excited about their BIG ultrasounds. WTH is wrong with you?!!!!!!! You have nothing better to do than to troll on me, time after time? I pity you. There would be something wrong with me if I wasn't excited about the ultrasound!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am excited for the ultrasound for many reasons. Not just to possibly find out the gender. We are excited to hear it's healthy, god willing. It all seems more real to me after I see the baby at the 18 wk ultrasound. SO MANY reasons why I am excited about the ultrasound and yes I mention the ultrasound countdown a lot on here, I AM FREAKING EXCITED AND THIS IS MY BLOG, I WILL SAY WHAT I WANT. If you don't care for it, please do not read my blog in the future.

Now please go get a life and stop worrying about mine so much.

How about you grow some balls and start leaving your real email address? You don't stand behind what you say?

I would have rather just emailed you but since you are a coward and too much of a chicken shit to leave your email address, I had to address you publicly. It is SO SAD that you can't handle seeing someone so excited and happy in life. You need to move along to someone else, you seriously only make me laugh out loud.

I pity you. I feel sorry for your family as well.

PS WTH do people ask so much anyway? People don't ask me anything. I don't talk about the issue constantly, I talk about my ultrasound a lot because I am excited about it. Is it such a crime to be excited and anxious to find out what is growing inside of me?! If the upcoming ultrasound isn't exciting, then I don't know what is!


I think people might not ask so much if you didn't talk about the issue constantly. It is what it is.


I have a son too, and boys do rock! I love your site and congrats on the baby...let us know when you find out the sex...we will be excited no matter what!
My TT is up!


I have a son - and BOYS ROCK! :) Of course - I wouldn't have *minded* a girl... but if I want to play dress-up, my dog is a clothes-hound. ;)
Hope you feel better soon!
Happy TT! Mine are up.


I hate that gender thing too. It's so stupid. You know I love sets of 3. So another gorgeous little boy would be an absolute joy (hey that rhymed ... and sounded like a greeting card! lol). And, of course, if it's a girl, well, how special would that be? IT'S ALL GOOD. I hate when people reduce children to nothing but what's between their legs. How simple and immature! This baby is going to be wonderful and special and unique for the person h/she is intended to be. Not for h/her gender.

Congrats to your aunt & grandma. That's so awesome!


Congrats on the pending new arrival!! Wishing you a healthy bouncing baby!!

Pretty awesome your aunt won the Mustang! That's an awesome looking car! But can fully understand them selling it.

This was a very uplifting post!! Happy Thursday, mine is up!

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