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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


bio-identical hormone replacement

Without a doubt, anyone who is following a strict weight loss diet is going to have a craving every once in a while.


Loved all the pics and hearing how you guys are doing. Your boys are so darn cute!

I'm all giddy about you having a girl, hehe. Seeing those outfits, awwwww.

Island Girl

Loved your post. :) Nathan looks so cute in his swimming lesson pictures. You can tell he was having a fun time. :)
I loved the pictures of the boys watering with their grandpa.
Woohoo Baby Girl clothes shopping. I was at the mall the other day, and saw a couple sweet baby dresses that made me think of you. One was a light sage green-it looked like a princess dress.
Take a picture of the Cabbage patch doll you bought. I have great memories of my GPK.I loved that thing and dragged it all over the place. I received it for Christmas one year. It was a boy and his name was Reggie. Miss Diva plays with it when we go over to my moms house.


great stuff!

I was SO going to get jake swim lessons this summer, but the stupid broken arm kind of ruined everything! Just 2.5 more weeks of the cast!

hooray for new clothes for Haley! When are you due, again?

wow, Nate is doing awesome writing letters! Go little dude! I've got Jake recognizing letters really well and we're learning what sounds they make now . . . but we haven't gotten far with drawing. He CAN draw a circle and a + (that was part of his OT eval test) and he loves to draw H's. That's his favorite letter for some reason. He's weird. ha ha ha. I can't get him to hold a pencil or crayon the right way, though. The OT told me to keep repositioning his pencil the correct way, but that just causes a fight. So maybe I'll ask HER to work on it with him. LOL.

loved reading this!



What a wonderful weekend that ya'll had. The pictures are great and how very cool that Nathan had no problem going under the water. Big boy!

I remember my Cabbage Patch doll. Her name was Nicolette Marylou and she had red hair. The outfits for little miss Haley are SOOOO cute and girlie. You're going to have a blast shopping for your daughter.

Autumn and I have thought about doing mother/daughter Glamour Shots sometime. Can you imagine how fun??

It wont be long now and she'll be in your arms. ;0)


LOVED all the pics hon! Nathan did so well at his swimming lesson, I bet he can't wait to go back. Hope Austin gets in the same time slot. Sounds like you all had an awesome few days!
Those cards are just beautiful, I too can still hardly believe a little GIRL is on her way to you :):) SO excited and thrilled for you!!! The clothes are adorable, buying girl stuff is so much fun!

Ryan was a November baby but of course that's the start of summer here! I love the outfits, the sage green one is gorgeous. One of my favourite onesies for Amelie is sage green with tiny pink roses and a pink bow at the front. I will send you a pic of her in it!'

Big hugs


I'm not sure if going to the store and picking it out is half the fun, but you can now buy Cabbage Patch Kids on-line if you are so inclined.


Also, LOVE the outfits!! Can't wait until we can find out what we are having so I can start buying!!


I just love your long entries! Very cute pics and lots of info...


I love how Kevin put Daisy's name on the card! CUTE


I love the pictures! Nathan looks so proud of himself!! I am glad he is enjoying swimming class and is doing a SUPER JOB!! I can't believe how tall Austin and Nathan are both getting!
And I love LOVE LOVE the cute outfits you and your mom bought for Haley, precious.
And the cards are very sweet and Haley can look back on them in a few years and see how much she was loved before she arrived in your family and made it complete


so happy to hear about Nathan's successful swimming lesson! Nicholas took lessons at the Y and loved them, and then we had this most recent disasterous lesson fiasco at a non-Y facility... water safety is so so SO important! Cute girl clothes! All baby stuff is cute, but there is just something, I don't know, SWEETER about girl clothes. :)

Can't believe you're already 1/2way through - it's flying by!

Monica C.

Have fun shopping for girl clothes! It's always so exciting shopping for your little one while he/she is still in the belly! Sounds like you guys are doing well and having lots of fun! :)

My 4 year old, Sierra, will be taking swimming lessons, too. She LOVES the water and thinks she "knows" how to swim already. LOL.

Sandi P.

I think swimming lessons are so important and I think it’s wonderful that you are starting so early in the boys’ lives getting them done.

And those pics with the boys and your grandparents are precious! It’s times like these with them that you mentioned spending time with grandparents that make me sad for my boys, because they don’t have grandparents in their lives to have moments like these. 

My wish to all parents out there…don’t take life for granted, if feasible at all, please let your children spend time with grandparents…so very important!

Thanks for taking the time to upload all this pics and posting this great entry, Kelly.


What a fun, wonderful weekend! I love the cards. They're all so great. I'm really impressed that Nathan's writing. Elle is not even CLOSE. You've got a smart one there! :)

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