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Wednesday, May 17, 2006



Thanks ladies for having some fun with this!

Loved hearing which John was for YOU!

I agree he was TOTALLY nasty in PF! NASTY!

And Jill!!!! OMG! Awesome to hear from you girl and OMG about that story!!! Thanks for sharing it with us and providing us with quite the visual and making us laugh and smile! :)


Oh, my very favorite image of Mr. Travolta is at the beginning of "Grease". It's the first shot of him, when he's talking to some girl and he looks over his shoulder to his friends. Oh.my.goodness, is that not the most handsome man you've ever seen?? Makes my heart drop every single time. =)


He has definitely improved with age. I loved him in Phenomenon. He does seem like a genuine, 'nice' kinda guy. He looks pretty good in his Qantas pilot uniform too! The last pic is my fave :)


JT is looking much better these days than in the past. Remember when he made his big Hollywood comeback with Pulp Fiction? He was quite chunky, soft, and pasty-looking with big ol' face. I'm glad to see he's spending some time with his trainer.


I like the Studly pose and the last one, the fun loving one!


There is something about him that I like although I do not find him a heart-throb. I loved him in Phenomenon(?)! He does seem like a nice guy which is rare in Hollywood...I like the "studly"pic best!

Monica C.

OK, I cannot get over Jill's story!! LOL!

Jerri Ann

I like the first one (even with the cigar) and the last one, the cute one...yummy

Sandi P.

I used to love everything John Travolta...until "Pulp Fiction". Yuck!! I hated that movie, and John's hairstyle in it.

I don't know why, but after that, I didn't care for him like I used to. Silly? Probably so.

He's still good-looking though. I like the Esquire mag cover of him the best.


I like the "I'm so cute" pose (in the car). He does still have it.

Kelly you were cracking me up with your commentary. lol Dork.


Funny story about John....
When I was working as an Exectuive Slave, I mean Assistant, my boss went to a shindig held at the Greenbrier - a fancy schmancy plantation place in Augusta Ga. Well, happened that John Travolta was also a guest at the same time.

So, Boss-man comes back and tells me that while in the sauna John Travolta hit on him and exposed himself to him and although my boss was known to fool around on his wife and was exclusively hetero did notice that Mr. T. was, and I quote, "hung like a horse".

Now, as I said the boss was somewhat of a ladies man and thought everyone was hitting on him so I just laughed when he told me. However, a few months later there was a story in one of the tabloids that said he did the same thing to a cabana worker somewhere. So, who knows. All I'm saying is the man apparently has a humongous schlong. Just in case you were wondering.

That is my contribution......



I've always thought John was cute! You're right, there is just something about him. For me I think it's that oh so cute smile and the fact that he IS A GENUINLY SWEET HONEST CARING person. He's been on Oprah a lot and I've seen him cry during certain stories. *sniff, sniff*

I remember watching him as "Barbarino" on Welcome Back Kotter. OMG...now THAT dates me. ha ha.

Love, Love, Love, John! So glad you picked him as your HDH this week. Studly John and playful John are my favorites.

He's a stud FO SURE!


I like the last one.Playful.

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