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Saturday, April 01, 2006


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They are miracles of life.


"You and Me and Love" OMG!!!!!!!

Your family is too perfect :) So many blessings...and children ALWAYS say it best!!!

Love you!


Thank you all so very much!!!!!

I really appreciate it!!!!

RE: the shirt LOL, I know it isn't that bad, was just trying (key word being trying) to be funny lol.

And the whole freak of nature thing, I was meaning I am one of those freaks who don't produce milk at all (at least with the first two, it never did come in, at all). I was trying (key word being trying again) to be funny about a sad situation.

Love you all!



"You and me and LOVE!"

AAW!!! I can just hear that sweet little voice!

Beautiful picture! :)


AWE!!!!!!!!! How adorable is that?


What a BEAUTIFUL photo - sniff, sniff!! Those are the most special moments, aren't they?? Hard to put into words :)

Love you.

Angela H.

Kelly, what a beautiful picture! And what a beautiful mommy! Yep, I hate to tell you, but you already got your 30 years to life sentence. No matter how old your kiddos get, your mommy worries will always be there. And as the mother of 2 teenagers I can assure you it gets a lot more complicated as they grow (and a lot more rewarding). By the way, nothing wrong with the shirt. We all got a couple of those when we were pregnant. I blame the pregnancy hormones, the fashion designers, and my mother in law. Without them, I would’ve never had one of those.
I never had a chance to congratulate you on the pregnancy, so here it goes. I think this time you’re having a girl :o)

Lisa O

Oh Kelly that picture brought tears to my eyes - what a beautiful site! Isn't it a blessed feeling to have those "first time mommy" feelings come rushing back when you see a picture like that?
I do have to give you a hard time just a little though for the negative self talk - there is nothing wrong with your shirt and you are not a freak of nature! You are a wonderful mother/wife/friend and beautiful in whatever you wear!
OHHHH I am so excited for you!!! There is just nothing more precious than a new baby.
Big hugs

What a precious entry, Kelly. I love the sweet pic of you and Nathan when he was a newborn. And the statement he made? What a heartbreaker! :)


How beautiful. :)


Oh how sweet!!! I love this entry.


Omg, can that kid be any sweeter???


Oh my! I have to meet that little guy soon. What a sweetie! I LOVE the picture. God is AWESOME!
We should still considering meeting one day in the middle with the guys like we said we would. That would be fun!


that Nathan knows the way to mummys heart :)


Thank you ladies!

For news on Sue, please see her blog under comments! :)


Aww...how sweet

Nathan is a doll!!


P.S. Any news on Sue?


SOOOOOOOOO sweet! I wish I could go back to the moment I held Justice for the first time again-what an amazing feeling it was. Sweet thing your son said as well. Be Blessed!


awwwwwwwww!!! what a sweet picture, and what a sweet boy!!!!!!!!!



Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing I have ever heard. You, me and love! How sweet...

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