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Sunday, February 26, 2006



I was on Twitter when I found a link to this blog, glad I stopped by! Happy 2011


Thank you all so much! I am so bummed that some of you who wanted to, couldn't view the video clips. Not sure why? They seem to open best in Windows Media Player.

Thanks for reading and for posting!


After the winter of sickness ya'll have had I guess I shouldn't complain.


What cute pics. You look adorable! I couldn't see the video clips, though. :(


Don't feel bad, we are sick here. flu and some cold thing. Blech!

Hoping the sickies go away and don't visit anymore this year!

I am password protecting my blog....email me for password!


He is simply gorgeous - I LOVED seeing the old videos of him!

Love you!


Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

Sandi P.

Sorry they're still sick, hon.

I'm in the same boat with them, except mine is the head and chest crud (and sore throat).

Hope we all feel better soon! I love all the pics and movies you posted, Kelly! :)


they're STILL sick?! OMG, that's just horrible, hon. I'm so sorry.

very cute pictures!!



I love this post Kelly. What a little cutie!!! I love your pregnant picture. You were just glowing. Such a sweet post. Time goes too fast. I cannot believe I am going to have an 8 year old.


Beautiful pics! You look gorgeous as a preggy lady and Nathan was (is) such a cutie :) Loved this post.

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