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Thursday, February 02, 2006



PS No me and Amy don't see each other much, she lives a couple hours away and we just have totally different scheldules these days. She has two kids too, one boy, one girl. We are hoping to make it a priority this year to see one another more. Thanks for asking :)


Thank you!


i could make a being sick movie....but i will refrain...lmao

Sandi P.

Cute pic, lovely story...so sweet. Do you and Amy still get to see each other?

Love you!


I love that picture of you!! I think I had a shirt very much like the one you were wearing too, and it was 1998 too! :)


Love this post - your story and picture are wonderful.


Oh sweet! Love the story. More pics please!


Great picture, even better story. Fabulous! (And I got drunk on like ONE glass of champagne at my wedding...on an empty stomach - DOH!)


Aww! I love this story!! Amazing!

Such a cute picture!! 1998 doesn't seem *that* long ago..but then you see pics and its like it was forevah. ;)

Chanting along "NEVER DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF CHAMPAGNE. NEVER! Especially not on an empty stomach!"

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