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Thursday, January 26, 2006



I love your pics. It was so funny hearing VJ say Le Click. I totally forgot about those cameras.


Love those pics! I know you say there are painful memories behind those moments, but you sure are a beautiful girl - looking so young there!

We went to the park today too - and believe it or not, it was in the 50s here! Quite chilly for us - we were even wearing hats and layers! ;)

Hope you had a great day. love you!


Sandi is spot on : )


Deanna, actually he was already in college (he was an older man lol )in Southern Illinois, a school that wasn't for me, but I did enroll in our local university in our hometown for him and us because he ALWAYS came home on the weekends. Basically he KNEW we weren't truly IN LOVE and he sincerely wanted more for both of us, he was right in the end but it still was a shock right before HS graduation.

VJ, ROFLMAO, I know imagine that! LOL. Thanks for always having my back! Um yeah. Don't get me going again lol.

Shelly, LOVE digital!!!!!!!!!

Sandi, Thank YOU! I have heard that before, basically when I was much thinner and had my bigger brows. ((Thank you, I take it as a compliment))

VJ, thanks again! :)

Lisa, Thank you babe!

Lisa O

Fake smiles or not you were/are still beautiful!


I see it!

Sandi P.

Those smiles may look "fake", but you know what? That last picture of you? You look like a younger Brooke Shields - I'm not kidding! Any one else agree with me here?

Fun read, Kel.


Thank goodness for digital now. I can relate to fake smiles. That is how I feel about all my smiles in pictures. I hate my picture taken.


110 cameras?! OMG, that is funny! Remember the disk kind? Those were "so" cool in their day. I had a hot pink and purple "Le Click." Remember those? Blast from the past is right.

WHAT? You're actually leaving the house and taking the kids somewhere? Hm. Why? You NEVER do that. Or wait..do you even know how? LMAO and TOTALLY kidding (inside joke here for anyone reading this and thinking I'm being a bitch. I'm not. It's funny.)

Love the pics and that boyfriend who broke up with you can SUCK it! :)

Call me today! Love you.


Sing it with me now...... mem....oreeees!
Ah yes, graduation from H.S. and the transition into other things. It seems like a lot of people have break-up stories from that period of life. I'd be interested to hear how that first year of college went...did you see him on campus at all? The lousy bum.

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