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Tuesday, January 17, 2006



(((Thank you so much))))

My dad was always so handsome, my brother looks just like him. It is unreal.

Thanks for saying I look like my mom. I take that as a big compliment, she has always been so beautiful.

I will have to post a current or more current picture of her real soon on BFTP, that parted long hair look wasn't good on her back then, but it was the thing to do I guess lol.

Thanks again for reading and for posting! Always good to hear from you all!


Wow, your dad is very handsome in that picture! I can definitely see the family resemblance between you, your parents, and your boys!! Very sweet and awesome picture.


I LOVE that picture. I am guessing around 14mos old


Very cute picture. I was going to say 18 months also. Sorry you are missing your dad. He is smiling down at you.


this is such a sweet picture! I think you look like your mom, too. your dad is SO good looking! I'm agreeing that you look older than just 12 months. you know, we had dresses that looked a lot like the one you're wearing. ;o)

super cute!!!



I think you look like your mom. :) LOVE the library background, btw! I'm going to guess you were around 18 mos. in that photo. ALWAYS WRITE THE DATE ON PHOTOS! Good reminder.

Lisa O

Kelly - that picture is precious and just radiates HAPPY FAMILY! I say you are about 16 months old and as cute as can be!
As always I am so sad that your dad is no longer with you but I'm sure he is looking out for you and your family from heaven.
Big hugs

Lisa O


I agree Kelly you still had those beautiful peepers even back then!
It is a precious picture of your mom, dad and you.
I say you were 2, maybe a couple months older than 2.


I would guess around 18 months, but I could be way off. Either way it's a cute picture!!


I would say you were about 18 mths in this pic. Unless you were a really tall child?

CUTE picture! Growing up we always went to Olan Mills..I liked them because they printed the year in the corner. At least the pics we have they did.

I miss my Mom sooooo bad. So I can relate. And she was taken at 56. That is way too young too. :( Huge hugs to you.

Take care sweetie.

Island Girl

I love that picture. My guess is you are about 18 months there. =)

Sandi P.

Awww - what a precious photo of you and your parents, Kelly. It really shows off your beautiful eyes!

My guess for your age in this photo is around 18 months or so.

Have a great week!


I'm guessing somewhere between 18 mo. and two.

Your father was quite handsome!


Gosh, that photo is so sweet and obviously precious to you (sniff, sniff). What a lovely looking family. I'd say you were about 12-18 months in that - what a cutie!
Thanks for sharing Kell!


i would of thought 2 years old Kelly..either way your still cute...tee hee.
i hear what you are saying about your Dad,my Dad passed away when he 57 and my Mum when she was 60..they are sooo in trouble : ) xx


What a gorgeous child you were. And still are! :) I loved the fishy lips thing down below too. Very, very cute.

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