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Saturday, December 31, 2005



LOL Thanks FC! Yes, I did notice that, I planned it that way lol, kidding....kind of!!!!!! lol


Happy New Year to you! You post some cute pictures.

Am I the only one who noticed where he's holding his party favor? LOL


Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for making 2005 such a great blogging year! You all rock! Thank you for reading and for posting as often as you do!

Truly appreciate it and all of you!

Glad to hear so many of you had a wonderful, safe, and fun New Year's!

PS Thanks for the compliments on my BFTP pic, I don't care for it but figured it went well with the occassion! :)


HAPPY NEW YEAR KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and heck, I'm writing you today another year older, how did THAT happen? lol)

I wish 2006 to be an amazing year for you!!! I hope it reaps in bounds of great things you and yours deserve!!!

We had our party for New Years, and had 2 families over, and friends, played board games, watch New Years Rockin Eve (did Dick Clark just break anyone's heart? I was so proud of him!) had a few drinks (usually we drink a lot more, but we had kids for most of the evening) then did more games after midnight then crashed by 1:30am. It was fun, but I think as I get older, I need more sleep!!!

Thinking of you Kelly! Much love to you always!!!



Happy New Year! Here's to an incredible 2006 for both of us!



I hope your New Year's Eve celebration was fun and intimate. We had another family over (they slept over too) and SHE provided the entertainment as she ended up incredibly intoxicated (she drank enough for herself, me AND you!). It was pretty funny since we've never really seen her let loose in many years of friendship. :)

God Bless you and your family for a healthy and prosperous 2006!!!

Love you!


Hope you had a great New Year's Eve. Loved this entry. Cute picture! We stayed in and played games and ate junk food. Yum.


What a cutie you were! Still are. Happy New Year luv!



(We were asleep by midnight, until some kind of lowlife rabblerousing group like the Town set of fireworks. Bah Humbug.)


Thank you so much for the most generous comments you left me. It means alot. And I know that you know how hard we both have been working at this weight loss thing. It is so exciting that we both will be at the 30lbs weight loss SOON!
Love Ya! And


I hope you have a great and joyous New Year and get better soon!!


Happy New Year!! I always LOVE your old photos! :)


Ha ha! Too funny! We attempted to stay awake until midnight last night. Didn't happen. I turned off the TV at 11:30 and that was all she wrote.

I took the kids skating yesterday! I even found a pair of speed skates at a local sporting goods store for only $35. So there I am at my old hangout, noticing that the kissing corner and the dance stage are no longer there... and over the speakers, I hear "Beat It". Good Lord, was I ever back in the day! The great part is, I am still able to walk today! ;-)

Love you!


Who needs to go out with a bunch of drunk drivers anyways? I have never really been into going out on new years eve. We usually stay in or go to a friends house. Safer that way...I used to love to skate too! I think my dad would take us every Sunday nite. Remember the Snow Ball? Ohhhhhh yeah! Hope you and your family have a wonderful new year!



Ours (nearly 12 hours ago now!) was spent at home, Ryan was asleep by 8pm and it was raining so no wild celebrations for us. We did manage to stay up and see the New Year in :)

Wishing you a wonderful 2006!


Happy New Year!!!!

I loved Skating until about 10yrs ago I fell and broke my tailbone skating....a day before Christmas!

Wishes for a healthier New Year to you!!!


Sandi P.

Happy New Year, Kelly. Here's to a healthier, happier 2006!
Don't have too much fun...;)

Love you girl!


Happy New Year to you too, Kelly! Our holiday season kind-of sucked royally too. Sigh...there's always next year right?!

Lisa R

Happy New Year Kelly! You guys are going to have fun with just the family of four. I am heading over to my sister's house where we will be making a Paula Deen casserole and scrapbooking all night while the girls have a sleep-over. My girls are so excited to stay over at their cousins' house and have been packing since this morning. Our husbands and my brother and a few other guys are at the desert off-roading this weekend. They left yesterday and will be back tomorrow. Katie and I are so going shopping without the kids all day on Monday :)

Oh, and cute picture. You always remind me of my best friend in high school when I see your old pictures. Were you class of 94, too?

Take care,


How fun! That skating thing would have been so me. I use to live for the school skating parties. I would love to go do that now. But the old kind of skates not the new inline ones. I LOVED skating. Just think of all the calories we could burn now.
Your new years plans sound alot like ours. We might go down to the neighbors. But I am not sure. And I doubt I will still be awake at midnight. WE shall see.

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