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Tuesday, November 29, 2005



Thank you all so much! It is always so fun to hear what you think of my hilarious BFTP pics and to hear about your past too!

Jerri Ann

Hey, I recently did a flash back picture or two of my own. These photos crack me up!


Oh you are definitely cute!!! And your hair - hee hee. Sorry hon, but it kind of brought back memories of that scene in 'There's Something About Mary' LOL. Don't worry, mine was the same back then - whatever were we thinking??!! I used to wear pink/blue eyeshadow and this awful purple/grape colour lipstick - so, so cool HA HA!


Oh! I forgot the best part! I had sapphire blue eyeliner and (are you ready for this?) I'd STRIPE (pink, blue, green, purple) my eyeshadow.

The horror.


Very cute!

I had the exact same hairstyle, except mine was blonde!

My favorite outfit was frosted denim Guess jeans (with ankle zippers, no less), a sea-green sweater with shoulder pads that made me look like a linebacker, and silver hoop earrings the size of dinner plates. I was hot! (Pfffft!)

Sandi P.

I say you are a freshman in high school, so 14/15 year old range.

And I check yes...
[/] CUTE


I'm going to say 1988? And you're as cute as a button. In a tacky sort of way. (I had a satiny-shiny pink oversized sweater thing I wore to oblivion - and a lipgloss & nail polish to match ::::shudder:::)

And my mall bangs would kick your mall bangs' ASS. Seriously, they were like a mile high.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


I say 14 or 15 years old, 8th grade

I go for that because I know girls in my grade at that age styled their hair the same way, me included!
You look cute and you age well( I meant that in a good way)


Hey at least you didn't do the blue mascarra. Remember that stuff? OMG.

I have no clue but I'm going for about age 15. I check yes.



[/] CUTE!

My guess is 8th grade. Too funny! I know well what you are talking about with the makeup matching the clothes - what were we thinking?!?!

Thanks for the chuckle this morning.


YOu had me cracking up your whole entry. I will go back and enlarge the pic so I can check out your blue and pink eyeshadow. What was it with Aquanet? I guess it just made your hair stiff which is what was wanted. I am guessing you are in sixth grade but you are probably older. I don't know! I will check yes for sure. Great entry Kelly!

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